Saturday, July 25, 2009

No more Animals can be admitted : Its house Full...

That is what we were told when Priyam (my best friend) and I went to the zoo...!! They refused us entry.
(That was an attempt at a VERY bad joke, but when Priyam and I cracked it yesterday, we laughed like hyenas)
Thursday was awesome..!! I had an out of office meeting in the middle of the day on the other side of the where the my office is. I did not want to go alone. So, I though maybe Shayon would be nice enough to accmpany me, but his work kept him at office. And, I called up Priyam. She too refused at firstand then she finally agreed.
And trust me- it was the most awesome day spend that she and I have had in a looong loong time. We went for that meeting predending to be first year Architect Students (yeah- some silly research) came out only to find ourselves in rain. Had lunch at MacD's and walked in C.P. and walked so much that we reached jantar mantar... went in and clicked pictures in weird poses... went to the high court... had random fun.. that we had not had in ages.

We have actually become like caged animals- and each day seems like a photocopy of the other. The fun factor is missing. And on thursday as we made one random decision after the other, giggled like two teenagers.. I felt wonderful.. to be with my friend... free of the restraints of anything. No deadlines... no pressures... just me and her.
It was a great day.
And Priyam Jain- I really love you.

And in the same breath I wanna thank all my newer girlfriends- who have been waayyyyy tooo kind to me, loving me, giving me their support.. and simply being what they are. You all are wonderful- and I love you.
In other news- Results are gonna be out soon- PLEASE pray for me. I am very nervous.

Life is going as usual. Except, that I think I am coming back to realization that to be cautious about everything will make miss all the good things in life that are experienced by being a lil more adventourous.
Dance classes are great. the final promotions for this month are Gonna be announced soon. I hope that I get promoted. It will be fun.

Yup that is about it all- and people please update your blogs often.
Love you-


Jack said...


One definitely needs to let hair down some times. Nice to read you had fun and were not "accepted" in the Zoo for "lack of space". Best of luck for result and promotion. I am sure you will do well for both.

Take care

Miss M said...

Good luck for your results babe! :)

And yes, its always lovely to have fantastic girlfriends, who are going to be there for you no matter what! :)

Anonymous said...

Hope your results are fabulous! Btw, yeah I AM in Bluebells. In BE. My instructor is Rajiv. Yours too?!

Anonymous said...

P.S. I wanna get promoted too!

Sakshi said...

KI!!You are in Bluebells... man, we ought to meet.
Yeah- my instructor is Rajiv too..!! No wonder it we all had to do- 'Everybody look at ME'.. Lol.. but very soon... I am shifting to the sunday batch. damn the internship.