Thursday, September 30, 2010

All that hype!

It seems that the saying, "Badnaam hi sahi, par naam toh hua!" Rings so true in the Indian context.
Negative publicity is one of the favourite national time pass here in India. I mean, why other wise would people make a hue and cry over things like, Richard Gere giving a kiss to Shilpa Shetty, or about the movies, or taking weird photographs (The clever photograph of Sania Mirza with the National Flag at her feet) and then filing PIL's for obscenity, and hurt to national pride.
And in turn getting their 15 minutes to fame.

Lately, it has been the Kalmadi bashing, and generally making sure that India/ CWG gets very nice negative publicity especially since the world was looking at us. And then there is the Aydhoya verdict, as if the whole hype around the real thing was not enough, there were certain nice people who wanted more attention to it, thus they file deferment pleas in the Supreme Court.
And guess what, it takes the Canadian Team to come all the way to India, and take a couple of pictures in the games venue, post it on FB to shout it loud to the world, that dudes, it is all nothing but media hype.

In a democracy, as large as ours, it has become a blessing that the media has been given full fledged freedom to express its views and to give us a much more advanced picture of what really is happening out there. But somewhere, you do end up feeling that this is slowly becoming like poison, you have no idea, what to really believe any more because-
Every news channel has started sensationalizing news for their TRP's. Which, makes the situations nothing more than a double edged sword, where there is a very thin line between what actually is the news and what is made up.

And more than once, media in it is bid to go that extra mile had to be reigned in by the government. I am sure every one remembers 26/11 and the media reports that had to be banned because the terrorists knew exactly what the the plan was and today again the Government had to plead with the media to stop portraying the negative picture of CWG, so that it is successful in all respects.

My question is very simple, that, even though media is considered to be the fourth pillar (After the Legislative, Executive & the Judiciary) of the Indian democracy, don't they understand the concept of responsible journalism? I am very happy with all the sting operations that they do, or all the debates that happen, and all the 'Khulasaas' that they do. But, when the entire pride of your Nation is at stake, do you really have to go all out and find the most absurd news to further the shame?

I am not saying that it is wrong to expose. But, I feel that at times, the media should- Stop. Think. And then, go all out bashing.
And, most of the times, it is the rumours that create more panic than the actual news it self.
Its time to low down the hype, and focus on good journalism.

In the other news, I am still looking for that break in a law firm, a break i.e holidays, (oh, did I tell you that best friend is off to Paris on a office tour.. and all I get to tour is the Supreme Court! Yes, I am a lil J!) and that conversation starter to break the news to my parents.
Loads of Breaks, I am looking for!


Chandni (Chanz) said...

Peepli Live's nomination for the Oscars wasn't wrong after all.

Arooj said...

hi sakhsi
i don't much about Indian media...but your post reminds me that how at our side media raised the ordinary model to horizons of fame just because of her affair and her affair and a blame game between her and a famous cricketer.the time media could have spent to discuss some worthwhile issue,it just mingled with this useless issue.

Bikram said...

Hey WOwwo indeed i am completly with you on the media thing.. yes they are not good for anything.. and seem to go one way always ...

I dont go by indian media anymore, it sucks big time, for it the most important news is some silly little thing happening in some remote part of india for example today the main news for the punjab page is that BADAL the cm is out and case against him has been dropped SO WHAT.. everyone knows it was eye wash..

whereas there are other importan issues going on...
and i second you on the point that good journalism is needed , genuine news

and hey conversation to break the news to your parents ALL THE BEST... i am sure all will be well Take care ...

Shalini said...

True-people want the truth...not the hype! And its really hard to distinguish between them!

Sakshi said...

@ Chanz
Yeah, finally a movie that makes sense goes to the oscars.


Media they say can make or break.. any one. A common man one day can be the king and the next day a beggar!


See they are not all that bad too. Sometimes they actually do some good too. But, like I said they can think a little and the report.

There is a thin line between reporting and drama, most often than not they cross it!

ani_aset said...

i have already discussed enough on the issues with you dearie :D
And may lord give you all the breaks :D

Unknown said...

I have one question to ask, here. Do lawyers represent terrorists, or do they let the terrorists fight for themselves or rot in hell, because the lawyers feel patriotic towards their country?

Sakshi said...

One of the many break has already come.

The lawyers are bound by the rules of the bar council of India, where in they cannot refuse the case of a client under any circumstances. Under the Constitution too, every one has a right to be represented by a lawyer.. and if the under trail does not have a name or know of a lawyer of his choice then the state shall provide him with that. This privilege is also extended to foreign nationals!
And if you do not follow these code of conducts you are liable to get suspended from practicing law!