Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Birthday- To me!

Turning 24 is not an easy job. Its like with each passing year, you have to grow in responsibility! Or so it is said. I look in the mirror, and I really don't see myself ageing *Thank God for that*.. but on the inside you feel, the OMG of becoming another year older!

This birthday by far was the most special by all means. Apart from the fact that I threw a party and surprisingly it was successful... and that I cut four cakes.. and all of em were chocolate truffle flavour! And it was for the first time in years, Shayon and I were together for the 12 o' clock cake cutting, and he gave me THE best gift ever! To know what that is... well you all have to wait till I upload the pictures.

The day otherwise, was wonderful... I started my Birthday with Shayon and I ended it with him...
Its just very weird to feel 24.

I had Ms. Kashvi with me for a night stay, and Ms. D.O. was one of the first call me! It was so so awesome! :)
Uncle J's card was also really nice!
Another cute cute thing that happened was the Ms. Wicked Witch of West-  called to wish me from down under and it was so silly coz, I could hardly understand her... thanks to the noise around and her accent! Oh, and Shalini from Das Laben also e-mailed me her wishes! It was such a delight to open the mailbox and see her mail!
I can't thank enough to all the people who made my birthday so so special!
Thank you all for the lovely day that I had!
This was probably the best thing that has happened to me thus far in the whole year!
Thank you all!


Banupriya said...

Happy for you Sakshi.... Wish all happiness embrace you at this lovely time of your life.. Belated birthday wishes to you.. enjoy!!!

Suruchi said...

Happy birthday again Sakshi!
Hope things continue to remain best-est...
Wishing u n Shoy a lifetime of happiness!

Wicked Witch of the West said...

Haha I knew you would...everyone does from overseas (unless I affect a Steve Irwin type rough accent)...that is why I decided to call from my mobile rather than phone card, so that at least you would know who it was :D Maybe I should've done for you what I did for the old man - sent a recorded message first to get him used to my rough Australian tones :D In fact, maybe I will do that even know, send you 'understanding Australians' lessons. Was so nice to hear your voice and makes you all real and all...

I am so glad that your day was better than anticipated...and eagerly awaiting the photos! :)

Bikram said...

Happy birthday to you, Glad you had a good time .. god bless

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton :)

Darling, darling you! Muah!

Ahem, well.. it will be so cute. And, btw- the old man called using a calling card!
Thanks for the call!

Thanks :)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

The old man is getting with the times...slowly...I am still working on him... And sooo happy that you referred to him as 'the old man' too - I told him I am going to see if I can have it adopted generally as his name :D

And clever Suruchi! :D

Shalini said...


Karan said...

Nice share . Hope you had a great day !!