Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Present: Right Here!

Hello my Lovelies! I am right here, I have not abandoned this blog.. and you are not so lucky that my inspiration for ranting out loud will just go away in a jiffy!

I have been unwell lately. Was down with fever and thus was not able to update the site. I mean, I was really in no mood to talk about body aches, and head aches and eye aches...
Not heart ache either. *I do not complain of acidity!*

So for the last six days, I have been resting, and doing nothing. And, I swear doing nothing is the hardest thing in this world to do. And the most that I would wish to trouble was my dear sweetheart at work.. which I had to control with all that I had within me. And therefore to pass time, I watched TV, yeah television.. and I watched all the daily soaps... loads of em!
And, I can't believe myself!

In other news, my cousin who is two years younger to me announced her wedding. And that brings me back to the topic of the Gift that Shayon had given me on my Birthday.
*I have not yet come around to uploading pictures*
Yeah.. so, Ahem.. I .. Shayon..
Well, Shayon proposed me on my Birthday, with a ring and the down on the knee thing. And, I was holding my cake in one hand *which was yummy* and it was the parking lot.. and my Birthday, and I was totally crazy Happy!
And, now, I have to go and talk to my parents. ASAP.
No more taking advise on how to do it, because.. they are my parents.. and they have to know it. And they would- Really soon.
The action that follows, may or may not be recordable here, but from you all, I need prayers, that things fall into place for both of us. Because, it is not that so much time has gone by, or that both of us have gone through a Bad phase and that this is required...
Because, this is what we Both want. To be together, and be together. Both of us want to start a new journey, and since every relationship needs to grow from one phase to the other.. it is time to GROW! 

Both of us need your blessings and your wishes, Especially me! 


Dreamcatcher said...

I hope it all works out.
Happy belated birthday, Sakshi.
If this falls into place, I guess it'll be the best birthday present you could have asked for.
Good luck and love.

Banupriya said...

ALL the very best Sakshi dear :) My wishes are always there for u and Shayon. Waiting eagerly for the happy news :)

The ring and falling down on the knee ----- its all so romantic.. Touchwood to u couples.

Suruchi said...

Hey...all the best!
Whether I say it here or not...
U know I mean it!
All will be well...just take the first baby step n watch yourself confidently swagger in the rest:)

Wicked Witch of the West said...

As I'm sure you know, you two have my very best wishes always :) And hope that this next stage is easier than you can imagine, and all goes smoothly.

I had not known that he did the down on one knee thing, that is sooo sweet :) Can't wait to see the, hurry up young lady, or I will be heading there to personally inspect it :D

And of course I agree with Suruchi...all will be well :)

Sakshi said...

OMG, you commented.. :) I am honoured! :)
Thanks for the Birthday wishes and wishes otherwise too!
Trust me, Right no, I want nothing more than things falling into place.

Yeah it was totally maha romantic :)Thanks a ton for your lovely wishes..

My love, meri darling... of course I know that koi ho na ho, you are always gonna be there!

Oh, considering your proposal of personally coming and inspecting it, I think I shall not put up the picture.

Bikram said...

and HAts of to the good man...

oh yes ASAP parents ... got ottalk ot them...
I hope and pray and wish everything works out for both of you.. ALL THEBEST and GOD BLESSS

Shalini said...

So...Sakshi..."unofficially" engaged huh? thats so WOW!!!!!
Hope you are doing well now...i mean health.
And of course will pray for you...All the best!

Sakshi said...

Thanks for your wishes :)

You are a darling :)
Thank you!

ani_aset said...

God bless you both :D

Sakshi said...

The blessings came.. telepathically!