Tuesday, September 21, 2010

One of the most "Worthwhile" Day!

I think, today I compensated for the weekend that was spent in office! *Yeah, I was in office on Sunday too!*

So the day began with me going to the court as usual but today, I was alone in the court, I had the matter and the seniors were in office.. *it was a small little matter*, and therefore I knew that I was going to get free on time from the court.
I called up Shayon and asked him if we could meet for lunch, and voila, he said that he would love to! And we met and had a great lunch at a Restaurant called The Chinese! The best part of the whole experience apart from the fact that we both were the only patrons and were sitting in one cosy corner of the restaurant was that the Desert was on the house *Mango Ice Cream!!*...
And when it was time to pay, we realised that we were short on cash and their card machine was not working *actually they had already told us that the card machine was not working when we had entered the restaurant* but never the less they were kind to us and did not make us wash the dishes, and let us go to the ATM and withdraw cash and pay em off!

I reached office at around 2.15 ish, and started reading a new matter, the big boss was supposed to an Arbitration and I practically had no work in the office. I was whiling away my time with tit bits of research and lot of chatting online, and making coffee for the office when my immediate senior Ms. PK suggested that we go to this store in the local market behind the office.. and I gladly accompanied her.. we shopped *She was meeting her friend and she wanted to dress up, and I also made a plan to meet Shayon :P* and then went to the parlour.. *YEAH parlour* because she wanted to look human when she went to meet her friend.. and then, we rushed off to office picked up our stuff and I drove *her car* to Khan Market.

And her friend and Shayon were waiting at the same place, and she met Shayon.. and then went a floor above us, so that its not embarrassing for us *Totally SWEET*!

Then of course it was a nice romantic evening coffee that Shayon and I shared... and came back home...
but the cherry on the top was when I asked the auto waala to take a longer route to my house *Shayon was with me*, and he said "Madam, ghar jaana bhi hai, ki Delhi darshan kar rahe hain!" !!


Bikram said...

he heheeh to aapne kya jawab diya usko .. kya darshan karne hai.. Cheery on top would be if you said "mujhe kissi ke Saath darshan".. he he he he

Glad you had a nice team.. and mangoe ice cream yummy yyyy

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Whoaa... Thats nice...

Btw, where is "The Chinese"? I would love to go myself..

Sakshi said...

Na! We just laughed it off :P

Its in the lane right behind Nirulas Potpurri.
Lovely food!
And totally cozy place :)

Chandni (Chanz) said...

Girl, you have been tagged..!!

Check out my blog

btw, I do not even know where is Nirulas potpurri. Which place is it??

Suruchi said...

Aah! Somebody’s having fun, I see...

Sakshi said...

Darling, Nirula Potporri is in C.P. outer circle. Keep going straight on K.G. Marg till you hit the outer circle, and the moment you reach the outer circle from that road, you will see its board. Its right there.
And The Chinese-
Take the first right on the outer circle after you cross potporri and then take the first right again into a back lane kinda thingy, it will come on your left.

And, I can't explain better than this. And btw- Nirulas Potpurri also comes highly recommended by me.

Sakshi said...

Touching all the wood, and hoping that the good times continue.

ani_aset said...

lol whatt autowala :D and where do we have offices like these damn it :(