Monday, January 31, 2011

For my Darling Doll!

Dear Kashvi,

You are turning 21!!!! I know I am not supposed to tell your age but then, I am a pseudo feminist and blah- who cares- It is YOUR HAPPY BIRTHDAY! And, I am super excited! I wish you all the best for whatever that you decide to do in your life.

Our friendship that started as a matter of chance through this world of blogosphere- for me has gone to a completely different level. I have never in my life met a girl, who is like you. You are just YOU- a different person altogether. Beautiful from within, the radiance of which reflects on your lovely face.
I am supposed to be elder to you, but even for the tiniest bit of my problems, I rush to you for a solution!

In you I have found a friend, who I can bully and talk to about any thing and every thing that comes to my mind. Without the fear that I am being judged or that I am going to be loved less!

There is so much of warmth and love in you, and I am so glad that I get to share a part of it, being your friend!

On your Birthday today,
I wish you great health, loads of wealth,
fame beyond the boundaries of world, and love that will keep you safe!

I love you! And Happy Birthday :)


Neo said...

I don't know what to say. Thank you so much. This is such an incredible post. Nobody has praised me so much in a really long time, that too, on my favourite medium. :)
Your friendship means so much to me babe, even if I don't say it out loud always.

I'm sorry for being so lousy about my own birthday, when I have friends like you in the city.
Thanks again.
Much love :-*

Unknown said...

21? Humm... so now you are legal enough to tend bars! Care for a profession makeover? Or maybe you can serve the drinks to me, tonight ;-)

Nonetheless, wish you a very happy birthday!!

Bikram said...

HAppy birthday to Sakshi's Friend Kashvi :) he he he he he

MAny happy returns of the day :) and hey if you are treating sakshi then ME tooooo i need that cake toooo :)