Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Elope.. A preview

My legs are aching and I am very sure that my feet are a mess.

Today was one of those days that could have gone in any direction. But, thank God for his little graces that, right now I am going to sleep with some peace and a sense of achievement. Whether it's actually an achievement, well, that will only be ascertained in some time.

Remember, I had talked about the couple who were planning to elope? Well, they actually accomplished that feat today with a lot of help from the boyfriend and me. So to put it simply, we were at wedding today, for which shayon and I did everything and our super efficient clerk arranged the wedding venue.

It was a first for both the boyfriend and me and I really hope that it's a last. I have a life time of strories related to the most coveted event, from the bride being more concerned about the saree and the make up than the time running out, from getting affidavits notarized to the drive into the most obscure part of Delhi, where I was almost hit by a mob for running over a woman's foot to well translating the wedding vows in English for the bride and the groom.

There is a severe need for a detailed post which will come soon.


Suruchi said...

congratulations...good job done...may their blessings soon materialize into a similar and more family supported band baaja baarat for you:-)

Rachit said...


Bikram said...

WELL Done you.. I liked it I rememebr college time we had to do something like that and it was a proper bollywood style .. we armed and all and I had to do the KanyaDaan with proper Hindu rites ...


Jack said...


KAR BHALAA SO HO BHALAA. I am sure God will reward you for this good deed.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

This wud make for an entertaining story to tell people at parties all your life..waiting for the long version! :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks.. and I hope so too :)

Isn't it?

ahaan.. now, you have to tell us those stories :)

@Uncle J
All fingers crossed :)

Yup, sounds like a fun story to share :)

RiĆ  said...

So good to knw tht there r ppl like u n ur bf to help ppl in love. Good job there.