Friday, August 26, 2011

Phew.. I made it- The Journey from home to the Delhi Airport!

I am en-route to Mumbai, as I write this blog post! *Yeah this is a draft, and will be published when I land in Mumbai!*
Normally it is the journey from one city to another that is eventful.. rather, I am one of those “Lucky Ones”, who have no excitement revolving around the travels that I undertake! Presumptions, I tell you make for really bad lessons!
So, I am going to Mumbai and that makes me VERY happy. There is NOTHING in this world that makes me happier than a trip to Mumbai.. even when the boyfriend is not there, I just LOVE that city. This time round, the major reason for travelling to Mumbai is my Sister- In-law’s Bridal Shower! J
And, I almost did not make it to the airport on time to catch my flight! And, had I missed my flight today, I would have totally cursed Anna Hazare and his entire campaign to go to hell.
Now, normally, the Airport is exactly 45 mins from my house, it maxes out to one hour, if there is traffic on the Ring Road, and trust me, *touchwood*, we have never had a problem with reaching the airport. As a matter of fact, we would normally reach a nice 1 to 1.5 hours before the flight departure, and lunge about in the airport!
But, today, thanks to Mr. Hazare and his instigation to attack the PM house, all roads leading to 7 Race Course were BLOCKED. Like there was the riot police deployed and barricaded! *I am telling you this Anna Hazare will make sure that, we have a civil war at our hands.. and that will be like a doomsday for all of us any which ways!*
So, since almost have of the Delhi was blocked, there was bound to be repercussions on the nodal roads of Delhi, and the traffic, which would usually be bearable, was tripled, and it refused to move.. We were on the Ring Road, got traffucked there, then, turned towards the back lane of Sarojani Market.. turned out that, it was barricaded, went to the Safdarjung Tomb, only to turn back, and head into the traffic leading towards AIIMS i.e. the Ring Road!
Instead of turning into the Ring Road, we went perpendicular to it, and headed into the Bottle Neck on the Green Park, Hauz Khas road.. thank Heavens, I knew that, the traffic there was only a bottle neck.. and that, even though it was tad bit slow, it will not take more than 10 mins to clear that stretch, and thank heavens we made to the outer ring road in the minimalist possible time.  And then, there was the usual jam on the outer ring road, close to the IIT.. I was of course, cursing everybody under my breath.. while my sister decided that instead of willing the traffic to move, she would rather take a nap! And, then, there is the greatest architectural structure in Delhi, near Munirika, a NODAL fly over, right before the Gurgaon Express way.. why is it so great, is because that the Public Works Department, instead of making a two way flyover decided to make a just a single lane flyover, and then divided the goddamn thing into two, using the plastic dividers!
That creates a bottle neck, worth all the curses in the world. By the time we reached that bottle neck, I was neck deep with panic.. and almost in tears.. I mean this is the first time that I had bought tickets out of my own salary.. and I really did not want to end up not going on these tickets.. it is special.
So, I am neck deep in panic, and then dad suggests calling the Go- Air people, and telling them our situation, so that, if nothing else, I am allowed to board the flight 30 mins before the take off instead of the usual, 40 mins window! So, I call up the Go- Air people on their Airport number, and voila, first miracle, that they actually pick up the phone. And, secondly, the poor chap, tries to calm me down, and tells me that he will give my name on the counter, and that I should like really try hard to reach ASAP. *As if I was deliberating delaying coming to the Airport*. So by the time I finish the call, we are at the thresh hold of getting on to the Fly over, and voila.. as soon as we get on to that “Flyover just in the name of it”, we sail through!
And reach the Airport on time. By time I mean, 10 mins before the 40 mins window closes…
And now, there is something more to it-
Dad stops the car bang in front of the entry gate.. and I jump off the car.. and say quick byes.. and rush to the entry gate.. and both the security guards, stad up and see my e ticket and my identification, and tell me to breathe, that there is still time. I rush in to the Go Air Counter, give my bag for check in, and plead the good looking guy at the counter with my sweetest smile, to give me a window seat/ aisle seat.. and very sweetly tell the guy who checks in the luggage that I have fragile stuff in it, so to be careful with it.
Both of em, seeing the poor harassed girl.. be super helpful! The guy who issues the boarding pass, tells me, that he will go and check if there are any window seats/aisle seats. While the luggage guy puts fragile stickers all over my bag. And the boarding pass guy gets me a window seat, and while printing my boarding pass, asks me if I work in Mumbai.. and I also smile back telling him, that I am a lawyer based outta Delhi :D *I am such a flirt!*
And, then, when I rush to the Security Check in, the security uncle asks me, what was the problem with my boarding pass.. so I tell him that, I was telling the boarding pass guy why I got late and thanking him etc. I got this super “OMG Girls” nod and smile from him! :D
And, then, me the wonderful, sees that my flight is boarding and rush to the boarding area, without looking at the Boarding Number gate.. but one round to and fro in the boarding area and I was in the right line, and guess what.. I am sitting totally alone! It is an awesome thing.. :D, coz I am able to write this post.
Mumbai.. here I come!
*PS: Did I mention that the usher in this flight was a super cut guy! ;)*


Saurabh's World said...

Enjoy !!!

RiĆ  said...

Have fun dear!! I love mumbai.

Alka Gurha said...

Anna has made Delhi chaotic...but also awakened Delhites...hope u enjoy Mumbai.

Jack said...


So LADKI BHAAG GAYI. Have all the fun while in Mumbai. It is time for Anna to call off his fast as he has made the point but will those surrounding him let him do so? They seem unable to digest support received proving " BHUKE KO LOTA MILAA, PAANI PI PI KAR MARAA ". If he does not within next couple of days there will be such a big chaos that he would regret it.

Take care

Suruchi said...

congratulations...finallyyyy, eh?
and my god you've turned into a flirt on the run:-)
have fun girl:-)

Anwesa said...


Thats the worst part of strikes/bandha/protests - roads getting blocked. Been there, seen it.

Anwesa said...


Thats the worst part of strikes/bandha/protests - roads getting blocked. Been there, seen it.