Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am back !!!

The sabbatical has been a little too long it seems.
But, life has changed.

There is this HUGE wedding post that is still due, and trust me I am working on it. And, I shall put it up soon.
I am in Mumbai and I have rejoined work. From the awkwardness of the first day to four days later, things are easing out a little at work. And, we are in midst of shifting houses. There is just too much happening and most of it, is a first for me, including the whole "being married".

The "Rings" (A lil teaser for you all ;))
And, the trend that the hubby and I follow, means that there was no "honeymoon period", even though there was a "Honeymoon". We are already having the arguments about the attitude adjustments and things to be done, how to be done.. etc. The good part being, that, we both are also following the rule of "Not going to bed angry" . 
Whilst we are taking each day at a time, I think, I have come realize that there is nobody else in this world who can make me feel more secure about me being me, and in the middle of the night, every night, I have woken up to find myself cuddled and in case I ain't, I take the initiative and go cuddle :).

Things do go awry, and we both are drawing strength from being with each other. Even though we argue like crazy, there is nothing in this world that can take away the feeling of getting up each morning in his arms.

I really hope that the festive month is treating you all fine and that spirit of Christmas is getting you all in the groove of welcoming the new year.
I am going to do the round up of the entire year and lessons that I have learnt.. and things that I want share with you.
Till, then- Merry Christmas, and please welcome me back :D 


Nisha said...

Cuddling is a good rule!
Enjoy the 'Honeymoon' period!

Unknown said...

A time for new beginnings then. Congratulations!

Jack said...


Nice to see you back. I am sure that both of you will settle down with each other perfectly, inspite of little arguments all couples have at times. Have all the fun. Looking forward to Wedding post soon.

Take care

Smita said...

Congrats :)

My two cents...

There is never a honeymoon period, it is a myth...It shud officially be called adjusting with eachother period ;)

Bikram said...

my best wishes to the both of you .. always


Tauqeer said...

Congrats! wish you all the best for new phase of life :)