Thursday, December 27, 2012

The official round up of the YEAR 2012: Part I

And we are back to the end of a very eventful year.
It is unbelievable that 2012 is coming to an end. Do I want this year to end?
I don't think so.
As a matter of fact, if given a chance, I would like to rewind the year, and just stop time right say, in January. But like they say, time waits for none, the year has passed and a new one awaits.

This year was about... Weddings

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Trust me, it was just about Weddings (yes in plural). I got married. One of the best friend got married. The other best friend, P, has finally broken her silence at home and told her parents about her intentions to get married to her long time boyfriend.
There were 5 others apart from me in office (Delhi office) and at least two to three others (in Mumbai office) who got married this year.
There were other acquaintances and mostly 50 odd percent of my facebook friend list that got married.
So, if I say that this year was about weddings, it sure was.

Starting January itself, when we (as in the family) had come to attend a cousin's wedding and fix mine up, all we talked about the entire year till I got married (which was the fag end of the year) was clothes, jewelry, decorations, dances and food. Not only for my wedding but also discussed about same for the cousins and the friends weddings.
I have never looked at so many clothes in my entire life. Each dress, saree, suit was looked at with a critical eye, and it was wondered if at all the same could be replicated to suit our needs.
Each weekend was a shopping trip to one market or the other, and if not shopping, then dance practices, and if not either, then there were the trips to tailor or P that were scheduled.

Looking back, I am cherishing each and every day of the preparations and fights and the arguments. I think one of the best lessons that I learnt in all of the hoo hopla was that;

However hard you try, however much time you have in your hands, you are always running around at the last minute trying put the details together.  

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Jack said...


What you say in the closing lines is so true. May each coming year give you fond memories.

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