Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Dear 2013...

Lets just be a little truthful here, and tell you that I am not very happy that you arrived.

Your predecessor, was a much more exciting year, and you my friend, are the hard hitting reality that I was shielded from for the last 26 years.
I know I have had really bad years. Years where I have cried myself to sleep on the New Years' Eve, have been angry at the world kinds New Year Eve's and even drunk out of my wits and talking absolute nonsense kind of New Years' Eve.

But when I had to Welcome YOU, I was scared.
I still am scared and antsy about you. Restless at the fact that while life has taken a turn, the road ahead seems all hazy.

I am still hopeful. I look back and realize that I have survived what I thought were the worst times that I could ever get, so, I may just survive one of the many "New" New Years, that are yest to come.
I am still holding on to the belief that the newest phase and chapter of my life ain't gonna be that bad, and that you will by the end of it make me wonder, why in the world was I soooo antsy about you in the first place!

So here is to a lot of New, in the NEWEST year of my life in lot of ways!



Bikram said...

HOPE .. is always good

here's wishing that everything works out for you jsut as you have dreamed in this new year


RiĆ  said...

Good luck for this year! and may you get all that you want.

Jack said...


Never ever lose faith in own self and of course God. I am sure that you will make all of us proud with your deeds spreading happiness all round.

Take care

Alka Gurha said...

Lets hope for the best and make the best of what life offers.

Happy new Year Sakshi.