Friday, January 25, 2013

Happy Birthday...

You would have turned 26 today.

Probably after the hoo hoopla of my wedding, the family would have been hounding you and you would have walked off huffing and puffing, saying that you never want to get married and that you don't like boys.

In hopes and dreams, I wonder if you had finally gotten over your anxiety of boys, maybe broken a few hearts.. or maybe you would have been steadily dating someone by now.

But then, those are hopes and dreams that will never really become a reality.

Would you have been cribbing about work? Would you be staying in Delhi or would you have moved out... All I can do is sit and imagine about my world, our world had you been around.

Now you are not.
As you figure in the happiest memories of my child-hood, so you figure in happiness of my life each day.
A heavy heart sets in.
The broken promise, the shattered heart, wishes, just that.

I can still complain to you. You don't scold me or scowl or get disappointed at me any more. Though I wish you would.

Happy Birthday..Darling! You are sorely missed!