Thursday, March 6, 2014

Can we be friends?

I remember the days when becoming friends was much easier task. It was about a handshake, and a tiffin share. Or maybe that extra chocolate on your birthday.

As the teenage came close, I started to realise the concepts of the groups, and how I did not really fit in. I often asked, why can't we all be friends. I could not understand the dynamics then. I can't understand the dynamics now.
During college, I never really understood the fuss about hanging around in the canteen. I used to hang around in the library. I got the usual "group" calls, I don't really remember being a part of one. I remember though that I felt bad about my abrupt decision of talking to most of the girls in my class, unless it was necessary (of course college fest time was "lets be friends with everyone" time) . The ONLY one I remember apologising to was PW, who is still a friend. We don't call each other often, but she still calls me more than I do. Then there was one more girl, who I feel is awesome, KD. She is a mum now, so we hardly get to talk, but I know that she is there for me. Then there are the boys, from college there are two, who I know are grateful to me because they passed thanks to me making then study. But, we are not in touch. Neither am I in touch with too many others.
And somewhere in middle of college, school and BFF, I found friends here on the blogosphere. I found those friends to be non judgemental, open minded, free spirited. A few are friends even in the real world. Why, Uncle Jack, came to my wedding, and he even has a blog post about it. (Note to self: Meet him next trip) and then there were friends who I hoped would remain friends for life, but they decided to drift off, never making time for me, despite me reaching out to them. It is then when you realise, that few are freinds, rest all just come and go, they give you memories to cherish, but then that is it, the hope of making new memories goes.

I am wary of friends. In the last post itself when I wrote about those set of friends barring may be AJ, who talks to me every day.. it seems like all it a forgotten memory.. a pleasant one at that. I always thought that when you get together to put up a show, and spend so much time together, you connect, maybe not to all, but you do connect.. it seems it is harder to be friends in a corporate world than to ignore the other person.

It was a beautiful life, when "Can we be friends", was a genuine intent to be friends for life. 

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Alka Gurha said...

Some friendships continue to grow but some just wither off. For me, Facebook has nurtured several friendships.