Friday, March 7, 2014

I was trying to find a title for this post, but I really cant title it.
Too many thoughts running amok in my mind. It is 11.46 pm. I have to be up at 5.30 am to go pick up Husband's friend from the airport. The husband is still on a house arrest.

About 10 minutes back, I read a message from my younger sister saying that our Dadi has been keeping unwell and that I should visit Delhi.
I called up home immediately, only to find out that her asthma has been troubling her and she has not been sleeping too well. As a matter of fact, right now also she was uneasy and unwell. I of course am equally disturbed. It is on these occasions that I hate myself for moving to Mumbai.
I can totally imagine my father's unease. I can imagine sister's concern.
The thing is that, my grandmother has always doubled up as my mum, she has been there for me forever.. and I hate to see her like that.
All of a sudden the impending trip to Dubai seems to feel like an albatross around my neck. I wish that the trip was not happening and that I could just hop on a flight next week and go see her. But alas, that is not happening any time soon.
And thus, in order to make impromptu plans, husband decided to check flight tickets.
He expects me to board a flight from Delhi to Mumbai on a Monday morning at 4 AM. Apart from the fact that it is going to spoil whole of my Monday, this flight time is going to spoil whole of the night for my Dad. He will insist on dropping me to the airport, and that would mean being up at 2 am . I know that it will not go down well with him, and apart from being upset and mad at me, his health would also be at risk.
Of course, the husband thinks otherwise, he says that all I am scared of is my father's anger.

I just wish he understood the dilemma of a married daughter, the one who can't go comfort her parents and the one who can't displease her husband.   

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Ankit Garg said...

Well, I think sometimes there are no other options apart from compromising with the situation.

I hope your Grandma gets well soon.