Friday, March 7, 2014


Have you ever felt,
The unease of silence,

Of clouding gloom,
Of being lost,
In the winding corridors of,

When all you remember,
On closing your eyes,
Is the tinkering laughter of,
The life gone by?

The hopelessness gathering steam,
The hope losing the steam,
And you walking down on the street,
With your own voice bouncing from the walls..
Silence echoing silence..

In a hope that soon,
Hope shall echo hope,
Sunlight shall filter through the cracks on the wall,
The tinkering laughter shall be once again a part of your life.

Right now, it is the game of patience,
Of testing times.
Hold on, even if it is to silence,
Sometimes the stifling silence,
Makes you hear your own heart,
Your own voice,
Gives you the courage,
As you move forth,
In the game of life.

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