Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bitter sweet taste of Life

A few years back... there was huge fad amongst us , it was about filling up slam books...!!! It was so much of fun to get that little book filled by your friends and the reading about their crushes and movies and of course their most memorable moments etc.
In that book there was a column about What is Love to you- And I used write a cheesy answer to that...I used to say Love is like dark chocolate... Bitter and sweet at the same time.

I did not realise that the same was true for Life as well. I am very upset. Because my sweetest desires are immediately followed by bitterness of something bad happening. I got to know the date sheet of the remaining two examinations that got postponed. It so happens that the University ppl have changed the venue of the exams. They have changed the sequence of the exam and the cherry on the top is that the two papers are 20 days apart. Can you believe it. One paper is on the 6th and the other is on the 26th. And our seniors dont have a clue about their viva of practicals. Isnt this amazing...!!!
The only good thing is that I am glad that I decided to join my Internship now. Had I waited...i would have given away a great opportunity. Its just that, I really really have been wanting to go to Mumbai. You know whenever Shayon talks about the distance between us... and that we should meet now... n all... I am always the rational one. But on the inside... I cry... coz I too want to be with him...n not for two days...but for a long time. Distance has tested its the close proximity that needs to be tested. I feel so scared that we might not be compatible once we start staying in the same city. Ok, I know I am sounding MAD... but this is killing me... I want a normal relationship...and the only way as of now is that I get a job in mumbai. Yahan par toh exams ne hi beragarg kiya hua hai...!!!

I pray to God, that he knows about love...coz that is what he he should be kind on us...!!! Dont we with physical proximity...being minimal???


Neo said...

I feel so scared that we might not be compatible once we start staying in the same city.

Exactly. EXACTLY. That's what I wonder. Guess, we just have to wait and watch.

Good luck! I hope it all works out for you two. :)

Oh and you weren't sounding mad, not to me at least.

Sakshi said...

Its a waiting game.. and its killing me..!!!