Friday, July 25, 2008

I am Happy...

My poor blog has been bearing the brunt of me being bad often that one of my freinds actually asked my boyfriend that why am I so distressed.
Whenever I felt that thing in my life were all messed up...I fired away my frustration here. There was hardly any imagination...and I really dont want that the anger and the frustrations become timeless.

Anyways- things arent all that fine exam dates are still in a frenzy...but nevertheless... there always the positive that is to be looked at...

So the good news is that I finally got myself into an internship in a big law firm called Desai and Dewanji. Its based out of Mumbai... and they have an office here in Delhi in C.P. I went there today...its a cool place and loads of young crowd... and I dont think that I'll have to wear black and white always. Now, I am just hoping that things work out fine there.

My love life is also going great. Shayon has been very sweet and caring lately...maybe we both are maturing...jesus..growing old...huh...!!! But really love can make you feel on top of the world... and that is what happening... I feel that I am falling in love all over again...and its a great feeling...!!!

And recently I realised that I can blog... that too nicely...!!! Labyrinth has been doing great too... a few comments here and there have been coming. From being a techo,personal blog Labyrinth has become a political blog... The recent developments in Indian politcs gave me huge amounts of input for putting up blogs motivated by the stupidity of our dear leaders. The cherry on the top is becoming a guest post writer...or now almost a permenant resident of The Wall Mag. And my first blog entry is creating a buzz out there...its also political... but I am planning to analyse the love bug there..soon...!!!

So that is what is making happy... its good to know that I am feeling good...!!!


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