Thursday, July 17, 2008

My First Cheque...

Its the feelings that count...not the amount...
its the hardwork that counts and not anything else.

I have worked before also. But that was just to supplement my pocket money... and plus at that time I had nothing better to do. I had just started with law and I was hardly studying any subjects regarding the same. And the understanding of the same was a little less than what it is now.
But about a month ago I took up some work which related to my profession. It was not thru and thru lawyers work, it was just legal translations that I did for a research project, which were mainly related to crimes against women and various other issues related to divorce,dowry etc.

The work was tedious , lisening to the recordings and then typing out their literal translations with a proper format. But nevertheless it was some work.

Yesterday, I recieved my first cheque for that work. It was a great feeling to know that you are worth something, even if it was little.

Sometimes life has its way of throwing towards your way, little little happiness that make memories a worthwhile affair...!!!

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