Thursday, July 17, 2008

Why Me...?

The most rational answer to that by many of us would be... cmon girl you are not the only one...there are others as well.
In this case I completely agree that there are lakhs of students suffering.

My exams got postponed. I have already given three papers, two more and I would have been a free bird. But, it seems that God has a different plan for me altogether. This is the start of the sawaan ka mahina...and the kawadias go to Haridwar to get water from the holy Ganges to the Shiv temples. The best part about it all is that they go walking all the way. They go in hoardes and jam the national highway.

And yeah, I study in a college affiliated to Meerut university and my papers come all the way from there. Thus the two exams get postponed- till... GOD KNOWS WHEN. This is so so bugging. Ok, not only for me..for all of us. Its like being stranded 5 miles from civilization without anybody bothering to send someone for rescue despite the fact that they can see you are helpless. Its so silly. You have belive in rituals ...freaks do it... but dont strand US people like that.
I wish..there was something that I could do... but unfortunately all I can do is get angry with everyone including me..for ruining my own life...

I wish...

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