Thursday, August 20, 2009

ABC of the Tag...oops- The ABC tag..!!!

I picked up this tag from MISS M's blog. Basically this is called the ABC tag, and it would be lovely if... all of you pick it up. I don't want to specifically name anyone because, it would really hurt me if the tagged person does not do the tag.

A – Available/Single?
Neither, for the past 4.5 years.

B – Best friend?

My best friend forever is Priyam, we have been friends for like forever. And recently I have made lots of new friends which include Moo, Kashvi, D.O., Ki... who have been absolute sweethearts and their presence re assures me that I will have some girlfriends to give me a bachelorette party.. ;)

C – Cake or Pie?

I love the Apple Crumble Pie and Chocolate Cake... so I guess that it would be both.

D – Drink of choice?

On a normal day cold coffee, on a drinking partying day/night- Vodka.. with or without anything. And yeah- My latest fetish- Diet Coke.

E – Essential item you use every day?

I guess that would be a toilet paper.. ahem for the obvious reasons. Even though I agree with Miss M, that a bra fits the bill too.

F – Favorite colour?

Hmmmm, lots actually, but my wardrobe is very green and yellow. And lots of black and white (Demands of the profession... but I love em nonetheless... )

G – Gummy Bears Or Worms?


H – Hometown?

Dil waalon ki Delhi...!!!

I – Indulgence?

Chocolates. And more of them. I have chocolates all over my house. Apart from the usual places like kitchen cupboards and fridge.. you can fined a chocolate in my wardrobe too and in my book almirah too...!!!

J – January or February?

Feburary- I totally love this month, coz, the weather is great. The month is small- therefore you et paid for working the whole month when your actually working 2-3 days less and it is the month of love.. I got hooked in this month... so yeah Feburary it is.

K – Kids & their names?

Two for sure- names- ahem, aint that a weeeee bit tooooo early to disclose that of all the things..

L – Life is incomplete without?

Great food.. great people and above being happy.

M – Marriage date?

DUNNO!!! How about- I answer this question when I get the cards printed, if at all I do get married that is.

N – Name? Your real name!!

DUHU!! If you don't my name after visiting my blog.. then you should not it probably.

O – Oranges or Apples?

I hate being choosy. BOTH.

Here is something really quirky- An apple a day keeps the doctor away, but if the doctor is good looking, then keep the apple away..!!! :P

P – Phobias/Fears?

Insects. Anything that comes under that specie. I ABHOR THEM.

Q – Quote for today?

Hardwork doesn't kill... but why take a chance...

R – Reason to smile?

Getting up in the morning in a cottage at the beach in the arms of the one I love.(I am way too cheesy...)

S – Season?

Spring in Delhi- Feburary to March and October- November... The best time to be in Delhi.

T – Tag 3 People?

I am not naming any one at all. Like I said- it hurts me when they don't pick it up.

U – Unknown fact about me?

Whenever I get really angry- I loose control and I start crying. (WHY??)

V – Vegetable you don’t like?

Anything that is green and that is healthy. (Yeah- I am yet to grow up)

W – Worst habit?

Getting really irritated when I should be patient.. and spaeking without thinking.

X – X-rays?

Twice- Once of my jaw when I fell and broke my teeth and second time when I was hit by a bike 3 years back, that was the X ray of my right leg.

Y – Your favorite food?

Arhar dal and rice.

Z – Zodiac sign?

Virgo (My birthday is coming up sooon)


Random thought- why is it that even in a room full of crowded people we often end up feeling lonely??


ani_aset said...

hehe enjoyed reading..and that N was for people who write under a different name i guess :P

Jack said...


After reading that you feel hurt if someone you nominate does not take up TAG, I wondered if I missed your tagging me as I do remember I promised to do it later but due to preoccupation it has taken back seat. So I went back in your older posts to check but could not find it. If I have let you down I am sincerely sorry. This A - Z was quite frank and nice. Please do let me know DoB so I can wish you that day.

Take care

Shalini said...

hey Sakshi,
Just came across your blog. Thought of leaving a comment and thats exactly what i am doing right now. Loved your 'quote for today' wala part. LOL!
And ditto on worst habit. Even I am like that!

Room full of crowded people, but none on whom we have a claim on, someone we can call 'ours'. So, i guess that 'no attachment' thingy leads us to the loneliness path. Thats what I think.

Sakshi said...

that is the funny thing- that why would the people who are anonymous give their real name in N?

@Uncle J
I was just hinting out at a few other people and not you. Please do not apologies.

Hi! Welcome to Timeless Imagination. I hope that you will drop by more often...!!!

Lovely interpretation of my random thought/ question..!!! Thanks for noticing it... :)

ShalinK said...

that was damn cute :)