Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Once they were called God...

Swine flu is gripping the world.
What started in Mexico, has reached the epidemic pro potions in a matter of months. WHO and all the governments world over are trying their best to curb this epidemic.

The flu has come to India. So much so- Mumbai was actually shut down for a week so that- the spread of the deadly virus could be curbed. Everyday without fail, there is news of more and more deaths, both at home and abroad grips you with fear whenever you step out of the house. And as the toll reached 64 today with 5 more people succumbing to the deadly virus- I came across this news article... which talks about how Maharashtra Doctors are threatening to go on a strike yet again if their demands of pay rise are not met.
There was a time- when doctors were regarded next to GOD.. because they had the capability of saving a person's life.
It was their moral duty.
But, today after reading that article- I am sitting and wondering, that what happened to the moral and the social responsibility that the doctors have? Where has the nobility of this humble profession gone?
In a time like this- when, every day, throngs of people are coming to the government hospitals fearing their life from common cold and flu like symptoms... the Resident doctors are more worried about their pay...??
How can their conscience allow of such selfish nature... they are supposed to be doctors...
But- I guess.. when the medical seats are sold off to the highest bidders in our country... what more can be expected.

I feel sorry for myself when I think about the medical conditions in our country. After all, I the part of the Mango people... who are always at the receiving end...when will we really stand up and fight...??


Jack said...


Near the end of your post you pinpointed the reason absolutely right. Once so much money has been paid there has to be recovery too. Sad but true. We need stern measures not only to make them realise their mistimes threat but even for regulating medical studies.

Take care

PS : Replied in your previous post too.

ani_aset said...

though i agree to what you have written here..i have also seen some part of other side too
the conditions of the hostels of these doctors, the unrevised pay scales...not that i am trying to justify the act..But if i'm not wrong, whenever Aiims docs went for strike, they used to open up an OPD just outside campus

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Stricter measures can only be imposed if nepotism is thrown away, and true talent and merit are given their proper due.

You know, it is not about opening up an OPD when on strike. I completely that residential doctors are put up in a pathetic condition.
But- when as a doctor- you have to make a choice about your selfishness and the selflessness that your profession demands- then, as a doctor your choices should reflect the moral and professional duty that you have towards your patients.
I mean- you always know what you are getting yourself into when choosing medicine as a career.. so why not adhere to it, at the time of need.
If they do that, the common man, himself will stand with the doctors to get them their due..

Mohan said...

There isn't much to be surprised over the medicos threat. We have grown beyond moral & social responsibilities.. haven't we?

The truth is we are living in a mechanical world and there is a price associated with everything including the lives. This is something we have been repeatedly dealing with. We don't have an eco-system that can solve issues in one go. We wait till the D'day and then decide on whether to think about it or not.