Sunday, August 2, 2009

Happy Friendships Day...

I have no cheesy quotes.
No literary expressions.

I am just going to wish you all a very Happy Friendships Day.

This year for the first time in a long long time, I feel an urge to go out and select a friendship's band and give it to all my friends.
Yeah, this year, I have made a lot of friends. And they are very nice. They have re instilled my faith in the fact that- There are people in this world who are not mean and who still make friends just to make friends.
Thank you-
D.O., Kashvi, Ki, MOO, Gakash... and Chandu... Roop... You all have given me a new lease.. not just by the way you write but also by the way you perceive life. Each of you with your own experience has enriched me...
Happy Friendships Day..
Love you...
In other news- Please go watch Love Aaj Kal. Its BEAUTIFULLY made. Ofcourse not as peppy as Jab we Met. But surely, a much more refreshing take on how love and friendships develop in this ' Practical' world.
I loved the way Imtiaz has treated the story. Its beautiful.
The movie has its moments. The ones that make you reflect on your life.
The ones that make you realise- That how important is it to recognize love and to fulfill its destiny right here right now in this life, because we are just 'aam junta-the mango people' and not lovers who were never destined to be together.

Watch it and tell me if you liked it.


Neo said...

Happy friendship day to you too darling. I'm happier than I can ever tell you that I befriended you. Thank God for blogger.

Much love *hugs*

Jack said...


It is so sweet of you to remember your friends today. It is not necessary to give flowery quotes, sincere wishes are more than welcome. HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY TO YOU. MAY YOU ALWAYS BE SURROUNDED BY GOOD AND DEPENDABLE FRIENDS.

Take care

Moo said...

Love you too, Saksh! :) And being friends with you has made me realise that friendship transcends superficial borders like physical proximity. :)

Thanks for being around too. I so look forward to meeting you in person, soon!

Miss M said...

Happy friendship day to you babe! :)

Will make sure I watch love aaj kal!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friendhips Day :)

Sakshi said...

@Kasvi and MOO
YOU commented.. you commented... * dancing *

@Miss M & Ki
Hope you guys had fun... :)

@Uncle J