Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How long is too long.. how short is too short? This and the vacation...

It is so much of fun bunking office especially to start your vacation a day early. Yup, that is what I did. The long weekend that was starting on the 14th for the rest started for me on the 13th when Me and my sister boarded the Shatabdi express to Chandigarh.
The train was great.. its like the kingfisher of Indian railways...what with the lovely food and all. I only complain as, why is it that I never meet cute stranger on train/plane journeys?? DAMN the movies.. they lie about beautiful coincidences.. I am gonna sue them.

Chandigarh was great fun. It was at my Mom's youngest brothers' house. He has two adorable children who are so much of crazy fun.... and they have a Japanese spitz too... so that just added to the charm. There was nothing touristy about the holiday- the only place that we actually went was Sukhna lake (its a man made lake) and it reminds of bandstand... minus the Mumbai crowd. Rest of the three days were spent eating.. and more of that. Shopping was minimal (yup- you read that right) Though I saw the shopping centers i.e sector 17 and 22 of Chandigarh.

But you know, what was THE best part about the whole trip- One random phone call to Kashvi. I dunno, why I did that- especially on roaming- and I heard her ever so infectious laugh..and giggles.. and that made me really happy.

The journey back was usual- toned down. But- In Indian railways excitement doesn't seize to end.. sis and I were in the second row. The front row there was a woman with her two grown up boys and too much of luggage, they were visiting India from some foreign land.. basically desi-videshi.. and as soon as we entered Delhi, the train slowed... and some random guy boarded the train, opened the door very little and nicked their hand bag in flick of a second... it took us atleat 10 seconds to realise that chori hui hai... and another 20 to pull the chain. Thank heaven's the hand bag only had night clothes.. and 5 mins before this had happened the lady took her purse in her hands for safe keeping...phew...and that is how we reached back.
That very night when we returned to Delhi, Shayon and talked. No not that we don't talk everyday.. but ne way...
Shayon is really soo tired of this whole scenario, when despite the fact that we stay in the same city it becomes so difficult to meet each other .
And now, that the year is almost going to come to an end- and soon it will be time for him to move back to Mumbai... how the hell are we gonna cope up?? Above all- he said something that is gonna remained etched in my memory forever he said-
"Jaanu, I know, that I can't live without you"
It sounds cheesy and all.. but it is like so sweet.

So, he generally talked about this with his flat mate... and well, his flat mate outrightly suggested that we should get married, especially now that we have been dating with each other sooo long. And well... yeah that is about it.

It has become even more scary now- what with the whole equation being constantly changing.. and Shayon and I trying to fix it up, by making both of us constants...

Its becoming way too much to balance the 'practicalities' with the spontaneity called love.
Few of the questions in this beam balance are..

1. Is being in a relationship for 4.years so long a time that we rush into legalizing it?
2. Is the same time period too short to say anything about the long term future?
(even though we both know- there is no future minus each other)
3. What if despite everything, I do not land up in the same city as Shayon next year??
4. What if, he decides on a few different moves related to hi career?

There are enough what iffffs already in the equations... only thing that I know and I know that he knows is that We both just cannot live without each other. PERIOD.
But, this is not helping solve the problems.. at all..!!!
It is just making the labyrinth more tedious.

What to do??
Randomly speaking... have you ever wondered where to all the lost things go?? Especially the ones that you never seem to find??


Jack said...


Chandigarh is a beautiful city or at least it used to be. Now with little encrochments on outer sectors it is showing lillte ugly head but main city is still worth visiting. A word of advice, if you both have known each other for so long and truly love each other then there is NO IF or BUT. Only you must take blessings from parents of both sides. Thereafter you both can resolve whatever comes in the way by putting your heads together. Wish you all the best.

Take care

Neo said...

That phone call was something, wasn't it? I don't really know why I was laughing so much on the most inane things. All I know is that it felt good. That's all that matters. All because of you. :)

Journey crushes happen to most people I know. You and I are, sadly, not most people.
Cheesy can be so heartbreaking beautiful if you don't have the cynicism of a broken heart already. I try.

Answer to random question: I've always (somewhat foolishly) believed that one day I will walk into this closet full of things that I've lost over the years, things that matter only to me.

Sakshi said...

Thanks for the advice.

@Ms. Footloose
It was awesome talking to you about all the random things that we did talk about... awwww... it felt great... totally girly. And so totally you and me.
I agree- about the journey crushes. What do you say about suing the movie people??

Btw- that whole mush has gone back. I savor the cheesy moments because they are the rarest things ever in my case.

Ahem- All the lost things eventually turn up... its just a matter of having faith I guess.
(How freakishly random...)