Saturday, August 29, 2009

Whats that peeking out from behind the curtain??

It is exactly a week from my birthday.
I finished my internship at FML yesterday. Finally.

The only good thing that I got out of the internship was maybe a sense of the world that- You can not always get everything. And you may have to compromise on somethings. You cannot have a great a job... great salary and great people. Something is normally amiss. But- who says that you cannot strive for perfection... being the human specie that we are- We are always striving for perfection.

The other good thing that happened is that I finally met Shayon. Even though the time we were alone was limited to the auto ride back home. Shayon was with a friend... our friend... and I had been wanting to meet him as well... so, the coffee was with our friend with us and the auto ride back was great fun... and daring... coz- Shayon like dropped me off all the way home. Not on the main road or anything... but right in front of my house.
And I have realised- that I am totally head over heals in love with my boyfriend. PERIOD.
The only thing that I have not been able to figure out is- that I why and how do I get all cold whenever anyone including Shayon and me talk about talking about 'us' to my parents. I am so scared that I won't be able to take that no.
I am so scared.
I know I have to face them- One day. But- I just don't know how to cushion the punch... (PUN totally intended...)
But, then there is a little hope... a tiny little voice in my head/heart... that tells me that it will work out...
And today, after I have finished one more internship and am just a week away from another birthday... I can see something peeking out from behind the curtains of life... I may be looking at the future that is waiting to be unveiled- good or bad- That time will tell.
But right now- at this instant- I am asking life... Whats next??
randomly speaking.....
To know or not to know... to go with the flow... plan out... or wait for the next ball that life throws at you...?? Do you know what is it that you want from life... No, I don't.


Shalini said...

Congrats, both on completing your internship and on meeting your boyfriend!!
Things will work out...dont worry! Parents are pretty open-minded these days.All the best!! :)

Sakshi said...

Thank you shalini...!!! :) btw- are you allowed to party...?? like come for the party...raat ko...

Tangled up in blue... said...

Hey! Dont worry about the parents too much..this Shayon person sounds like a real charmer! ;)

I am yet to begin my medical internship and I can only feel apprehension when I think about its nice to know someone at the other end of the tunnel can see the light! :D

And the best part about life, it always has surprises up its sleeves! :) Have fun, cherie! :)

Jack said...


Congratulations on completion of internship. What next on the professional front? You have to take them into confidence some time or the other. Only questions is how to go about it. With whom do you feel more at ease, mother or father? Or any other person who is elder and has some say with your parents. If you truly love Shayon and find him to be of your suitable soulmate without any bias with full application of mind, you must not let it slip out of hands. If you wish you may let me know more.

Take care

Shalini said...

Well, depends on where and with who I am going for the party. Last I have come home is can hardly call it a 'raat wali' party. Delhi is too unsafe yar...I'd rather not go out at nights myself.

Miss M said...

Even my birthday is coming up! But more than a week to go for it.

So where is the party?
And congrats on finishing your internship babe!

Sakshi said...

@ TIBs
Darling- he is THE best. Hmmm... there are few older posts in which I have put up his picture. Do check him out.. * blushing... *

I wish, Just wish that Delhi could be made more woman friendly. Whats with the stupid Delhi guys anyway?? WHY do they act like such despos...!!! DAMN THEM TO HELL...

@ Uncle J
Thank you so much. It always great to know that there is someone out there who is so much more life experienced to go upto. But (please don't take any offence) what you've suggested is easier said than done. I know how much its gonna hit them. I really wish that the picture was as uncomplicated as you have painted it..!!!
Parents wise.
NO there is no one this whole world that I would want spend the rest of my life with other than Shayon. If I have to choose between Shayon and staying with my freedom... I would choose Shayon. Ofcourse I love him.. but apart apart from that- I feel secure and wanted when I am with him. That feeling of security... makes me feel less lonely in life.. and I don't think I can live a lonely life.. EVER.

Darling- I know about your birthday. That it is in a few days... Yipeeeeee.. Happy to you.. already.
Though temme the date haan...!!!
Jesus- Don't ask me about the party.. dukhti rag par haath rakh diya...!!!

ShalinK said...


Dont worry about it too much, life progresses in phases and the coming phase could probably be one of the best phases of your life, a different side to it, we all go thru it, anxiety, happiness !! Smile your way thru it and all would go smoothly !

Shalini said...

I swear!! Its because of them that we have to be careful each time we step out of the house, Hell irritating!

Jack said...


I am so glad to read your feelings for Shayon. Best of luck. Please do not hesitate to let me know if I can do anything for you two.

Take care

Anonymous said...

1. Happy Birthday in advance :D

2. Baby, if you uster up the courage na, it WILL work out. Ask me, I thought'd my parents'd kill me when I told them! But the exact opposite happened :)

ani_aset said...

every time you mention FML and all i can think of is this dont worry sakshi..things will happen at the right time :) be patient

Sakshi said...

Patience I agree is a virtue- I wish I had it..!!! :D