Monday, June 21, 2010

I am alive

Thriving hopefully.
The day my exams got over, I thought that I would have some, yeah some breathing space to my own self, but alas those are things that are not meant for me.

But that does not mean that I have not been over sleeping.

So, my farewell got over, and I said bye to college. Yesterday, my summer workshop in dance got over and I said bye to R * yeah :(* and to dance class. The reason being simple, that I have no clue where I am landing up in the next couple of hours, forget a commitment for 3 months.
And, I am neck deep in work.
Don't believe me? Ask Shayon, he would be more than glad to grumble about, how nicely I have been managing time, that I have not been able to give him time.
There are two reasons to the said insanity-
a) Census
b) Anniversary

So, now, CENSUS!!! First, I am so totally proud of each and every teacher in this whole country who are a part of this HUMUNGUS project, mind you not the nodal officers, nor the supervisors but the poor enumerator, who went to each house and took down the details of the people residing in the houses. From facing idiots who did not know their date of births to mad people who would not even talk nicely in such a weather.
To top it all, there are 500 other forms that need to be filled, totals to be tallied, and what not to be collated.. yeah we were to sketch a map of the area too. I say we, because, everyone in the house helped out mom for the huge project. And, it is still on.
You cannot believe,what was the latest mistake that the nodal officer took out. He could not accept the way we had written the digit '2'. BLAH.
Oh, and did I mention that there has to be no cutting.. and the work to be neat and clean too. So, basically they want humans to work, like machines * nothing new* with the same precision...stupid stupid stupid

And the anniversary, well, lets not talk about it till it gets done. So many preparations, so many fumbles, and loads of jokes.. especially the one where my dad mocks at me and says that he will make sure that I get married in summers. And, where, I tell my dad, that, I am not getting married if the preparations are anything to go by way of your anniversary preparations.
One whole week of eating out, my tummy going for a toss, its still not normal. My dress, still not ready.. the cards, being sent out till now.. yeah, its a small gathering, who says you cannot have cards for them.
Totally gone amok.
But then, I have been wanting this function for like, 5 years... and have been dreaming of it like forever. I just hope that it turns out that well.

And bearing the brunt is Shayon. I wish I could, just make it up to him somehow. SOMEHOW. Oh, btw, his birthday is coming up.. anything interesting that I could do.
Right now, I gotta rush, atleast my mom's clothes are ready.. finally.
See ya...


Wicked Witch of the West said...

Wow, I seriously can't believe how complex the census process is! Here it is just a simple (but long) form. It sounds like such a task there! I would no doubt have it sent back to me 100 times, given my impatience.

Gosh, now I have lost my train of thought. Hmm, Shayon's birthday...I have no idea, but if I win the 40 million in lotto tomorrow I will share some with you and the range of possibilities will certainly widen :D Not for his sake of course :P (haha I can say that as I know he will read it) but only to save you that pressure of making a birthday special (I admit, I am always quite clueless on this...was quite a relief that my ex always forgot, so saved me the trouble...)

Yes, I am drivelling...I blame kiddiemonsters and cats for mind-numbing tiredness...consider this my disclaimer :D

Oh, I just proved it...I typed this an hour ago...but so out of it I didn't post it

Haha, I wrote the above paragraph 20 minutes back, then got distracted again...I am very very hopeless tonight but am committed to maintaining focus, typing 'berit' and submitting.

Chandni (Chanz) said...

my my..!! the girl is so busy...

but.. just like the others, i too would add my special comment that it is good that u r busy... okay, don't raise your eyebrows, I just couldnt find something better to write..


and you talking abt Shayon.. I just joined his site a few days back but he has planned to quit writing.. (for sometime, if I can remember correctly)..

Suruchi said...

Reading this I remember that number echoing in my head
“I will survive...I know I’ll stay alive...”
Yes , you will n as for Shayon n his birthday....

Loads of good ideas...but then...psst...yahan nahi...
He’d probably get a sneak peek here before you do:/

Jack said...


Now we know that when they annouce results of census to be flawless whom to praise. All the best for get together. I am sure it will be very lively. Please do wish them from my side. When is Shayon's BD? I will wish him that day.

Take care

ani_aset said...

uhm you working on that census thingie too gaaawd :P take care sakshi, and calm down i would say :P

Sakshi said...

Yeah, census is WAY complex. And it doesn't help when the people are un co-operative too...

I, like you is his huge fan. I hope he comes back.

@Uncle J
The results of census are gonna be with many flaws.. because, well, this is India.

Lets talk about birthday presents.. soon..

Deep Breaths... :P