Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hoo- Hoopla

Its my parent's 25th Wedding Anniversary in 19 days exact, and we are nowhere in the preparations. Like literally... my exams got over on Saturday (like yesterday) and all I have been doing is dancing between parties and preparations of the anniversary party. 

Not that I am complaining... I mean, I have been planning this party for the last 5 years * yeah, I am MAD*. I have been dreaming about all that I want for that perfect 25th Wedding Anniversary. * Of course, for my parents it would have been much more perfect, had they been announcing my engagement as well... parents* 

The reason for wanting that Perfect Wedding Anniversary Party * apart from me being a perfectionist Virgo* is that all those years back, when my parents got married, my maternal grandfather was not really thrilled about my mother choosing her own beau *he was waaaaayyyyy tooooo orthodox* and my mum *in her own words* was praying like hell, that the wedding happens minus any hitches. 
It was toooo hot * who the hell asked them to have a summer wedding in India* and the Bride and groom look totally wiped out at their own wedding * no I was not present, I saw their albums*
So this time, when the venue hunting began for the party, the very first concern of my father was- That the it has to be a hall, a closed hall, fully air conditioned.... 
And we took, almost 4 months, and hundreds of venues to narrow down on the one where we are finally having the party.
The next hitch was the guests, being summer vacations, my mother was sure that most of the relatives would ditch us left right and center, and thus the informing about the party began almost 2 months in advance... it so happened that, all our lovely relatives and friends decided to be super awesome with us and are coming over from all over the world. 

Yeah this is like two out of so much more left to do. I got the cards done... hmmm yeah, I have a decent idea about what are Arushi and I to do for the program.... but I am yet to work on the script and the songs... * suggestions for songs are invited* and choreography... add to it the clothes... My sister and my father are the only two people who know exactly what they are wearing for the function. I am the most clueless of the entire lot. * My mum finalised something*

This is the party mix.. add to the cocktail, my college woes, my dance workshop woes, the heat, and CENSUS. *MY MOTHER HAS THE CENSUS DUTY* that means, the entire house is filling out weird details about some random families which have been alloted to my mom. I even went with her to a couple of houses to get the details, and trust me all I could do was stare in awe... 
(I will write a whole post dedicated to this)

The major decisions in my life are ranging from the magnitude of the pictures to be used for the whole video thingy that we are making to the next career move of my life. 
Couldn't have been better timing?

PS: I went for a party yesterday, a friends' birthday, at night, and I took the car.. all by myself... it felt grown up. :)



Shayon said...

And you forgot to mention that you drove home, drunk. Real grown up thing to do!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

it was ma mom and dad's 25th anniversary last sunday... and I am regretting that I didnt start the preparations well in time...

don't do that sweety..!! just junp in the celebrations..

ani_aset said...

well congrats to parents and to you too :) though as shayon mentions drunken driving is not a good thing to do lawyer :)

Sakshi said...

@ Shayon
Sheesh babes, I was not THAT drunk.

Congrats and thanks for the warning.

LOL... totally ironical..:P