Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fight, what? destiny?

I told you all about my acceptance in Netherlands, right? Well, add to it the acceptance from a University in UK, it is called the Robert Gorden University... in Abredeen, Scotland.

No, no one is happy about it.
Dad says, that we don't have the money to finance the courses abroad. I am not interested in doing a masters here in India.
Shayon says that I am not fighting hard enough...
My question is, that what do I fight? I do not have the kind of savings that would give confidence to any bank to give me an education loan.
The only collateral that can be given is our house... and that well, would be too much of a gamble for my entire family. Yeah, I may be able to figure out something, eventually... but right now, I am miserable. I feel like crying. And above all, I am feeling so alone.
Magic happens, if you let it; and sometimes even fate or destiny, or whatever you want to call it, steps in to lend a hand. But when it concerns love, and finding that special person you're going to spend the rest of your life with, should you risk tempting fate with a test of that love or what is seemingly meant to be, or should you just follow your apparent destiny and embrace it?
* synopsis of Milenge- Milenge* Very relevant....


Shayon said...

As I mentioned, you gotta figure it out yourself. What to fight? Who to fight? And how to fight? And if necessary, even what to fight for!

Chandni (Chanz) said...

perhaps you have to wait for the right time

Jack said...


Read 2 posts now. Please convey my wishes to your parents. May they have Golden Jubliee too. We complete 39 this year. Let me check with my bank about education loan. One should never lose hope. We can not change our destiny but can work towards achieving what we wish to. I am also putting myself in your parent's position to see how should you approach them for what you wish for.

Take care

pRasad said...

Don't let yourself down !

In India too you can make your carrer. Things happen for good. What's the use if you spend soooo much money & then you don't get equally paid job ?

Try searching, how can you make best of your education & interest here to make bright future.

ani_aset said...

I would tend to agree with @prasad here. but i dont think its time for that. Stay hopeful sakshi, i'm sure something will work out.

Sakshi said...

Yes, I know, that I gotta figure it out on my own. But sometimes, you just need a newer perspective, answers normally come when you are not thinking too hard.
Letting steam off is one of the ways.

@Uncle J
Awesome, 39 years is a long time. My mum and dad were dating for 10 years before they got married... so its more like almost 35 years of them being together.
Thanks for all the help. You are kind.

I am just waiting for time to do its bit. But when!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Firstly, welcome to my blog...!!! :)
I know I can make a career in India s well. As a matter of fact, India has one of the biggest legal market in the world. Unfortunately, everything in India is lost thanks to soooo many pre conceived notions, and brand names.
I have been questioning the exact thing that you are- so... well, I am thinking in the right direction... I guess.

Someone is back after ages... welcome.
Staying hopeful is all I am doing.

Karan said...

Don't fight.Look for "scope".Things turn out the way you want them to be. True,not everything in life is achievable.But then life is lived on our own terms.So strive for what is required and the flow will flow.

Sakshi said...

Thanks a ton for the great advice...!!! And, welcome to my Blog. Hope to see you here more. :)

Anand Madhav said...

Skashi...Read so many interesting posts here, but somehow this one made me drop a line..

I too went through the same phase or rather still going through.. When i conveyed my decision, it was as if I dropped a bomb..u know there are things that you can see but others can't, no matter how close they may be..so you see a dream, a vision for your future, but people around you can't..they must have their reason for this skepticism, as I now see the reason with my family..

But that should not deter you from seeing and dreaming beyond the obvious..also, it all about the games we create in our life.. Create a new game, play it, all over again, what if it didn't work, you can always create another game for yourself

That's what I am doing now..Dnt know whether u like an stranger giving u gyan..!