Monday, June 14, 2010

A Baseball Game out of my Life

You wanna be an honest person? And you wish to go high up the corporate ladder? And you plan to take your sorry patronizing ass right to the top of that ladder along with you? Are you nuts?

This was what my roomie told me, the other day. The reason? Well, being in the marketing side of the businesses, I am responsible for the kind of feelings people perceive, towards the company I work for. And my so-called superiors expect me to quote false figures - for the crowd, for the clients, for fucking everyone! I mean, what are they thinking? Don't they realize that people aren't stupid? Son't they realize that once they are caught lying, not a single soul will ever believe them again?

Yes, I did tell them that. And I was replied to by, "everybody skews a figure there, and a figure here. We aren't the first ones to do it. And neither would be the last ones!" That's when it hurt!

Do you know what hurt me? Not because of what he said to me, but rather because what he said to me was the truth! I am just gonna be 25 in a month, and I have already worked with a couple of companies. And I know it for a fact that my so-called seniors were right!

And then I start questioning myself. I started staring at the crowd with a questioning eye. My question? Simple. Just because everyone around me is a thief, should I turn into a thief too? Should I die hungry, never get a beautiful wife for myself, drop the idea of raising a child who will one day make me proud, just because I wanna earn an honest living?

The answer is simple, I know. I should start a business of my own. But for that, you need dedication. you need money. And you need people who you can trust. And of course, if you focus on your business, you kind of lose focus from your family. At least until your business stands tall. And since you lose focus from your family, since you fail to earn enough just because you manage to run after your dreams, you again lose the chance of getting married to a beautiful wife, the dreams of having a kid who you can pamper to the hilt.

Yes, life's bad. But it ought to know, that I am worse. it doesn't matter what life keeps throwing at me. I keep a baseball bat safe under my shirt, that I take out, make a huge swish at the ball life's thrown at me, and then start running. Yes, I am on the run now. It's time to hit the base, before life gets the control back in it's own hand. Sadly, my hit wasn't hard enough, last time around. It couldn't be hard enough for a home run. Yet, I shall keep running.

Strike 1!


ani_aset said...

Stay true and honest :) and when it gets tough, come back to lord and put it on him, he'll help you with answers

pRasad said...

I liked the fact that you are business minded and determined person. Very few people are like you and prefer to live secured but mediocre life ...At the end of life , they must be feeling like they haven't done or even attempted to do anything special.

Coming to your state of mind, I feel you should do what your supervisor tells you. Anyways, people are smart.. And people are not that much even interested in these figures. So, if you modify the figures, you are not "cheating" anyone...How is it going to affect anyways on lives of people? hope u got my point.. But if you don't modify, you will be in loss.

Suruchi said...

While I was reading this...I was thinking...this does not sound like Sakshi...I mean it did initially but then after the first few paragraphs there was someone else the last para the line “Yes, life's bad. But it ought to know, that I am worse.”
This got the cat out of the has to be dear, dear Shoy!

For all your strength and character..for all your will to hang in there...for all the love n support you give to Sakshi...I truly am a fan of you for that!
And also for the an effortlessly nice which you penned the entire thing down!:-)

Do what your heart n mind tell you to do...not another person!
Coz at the end of the'd have to live with it!

Shayon said...

The 'Lord', eh? Well, I have seen enough of him, I say.

Dude, thanks for the encouraging words. But you know something? I like to live life on my own terms, and not someone else. I hate living life on someone else's terms. And well, coming to figures, it doesn't always have to be the consumers. How about the clients we are working with? How about our partners and advertisers? And moreover, why try to build up something over the base of untruths and deception? Isn't it much better that you stay right yourself, and let the world unfold before you? When you stay on the right path, you slog more. But you also learn more. You also end up being respected.

Allow me to give an example. When Reliance came up with the mobile devices, it revolutionized the mobile market. BUT, thanks to their inefficient customer care, pathetic service, and incorrect mobile bills, they lost a lot of their postpaid customers. Till date, not many people opt for their post-paid connections. Why? Because they do not trust the conglomerate.

In contrast, we have been hearing so much about the TATA Nano's being getting burtn down all on its own. But till date, that hasn't managed to belittle TATA's sales of other automobiles. Why? Because of the trust and respect TATA has managed to garner, all these years. If you ever had the chance to meet a TATA employee, you'd know how loyal and satisfied they have been. In contrast, Reliance employees are hardly ever happy in their jobs. They will always tell you that they are still in the company just for the money!

So, trust, and respect, matter! Big time!!

I could never write the way Sakshi does. I would never be able to come up with her passion for the topics she writes on. So, yes, it shouldn't really be much tough to differentiate our literature works.

And good to know that you liked the way I put down my thoughts. I have lately been really been pissed by what they call "the corporate culture". Somehow, I find myself a misfit here. But then again, I figure there ain't many places where I do fit in perfectly. Call me unadaptive, call me eccentric.

Jack said...


Nice to see you here. What you have brought out is a truthful fact. Management of most of the corporates would like to show only the side they would like people to know or see and that too with little beautification. Most of them focus only on bottom line. But still there are some who hold values more than fattening bottom line. I worked with a couple of big names and left them as I did not want to carry on with their way of working. One of those I quit in just three months after joining. Do what you conscience guides you to and be neutral if you can till you find place which is to your heart.

Take care