Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What if?

                                                      You & I live in a world,
made mad, full of choices,
Its a place where vices are many,
but what is right... that,
can't be answered by any.

Oh, look at that bag I exclaim,
you look at your wallet, in vain.
What if, you ask me, you buy,
the other one?
I smile and say, I don't want any,
let us move on.

I smile at you pressing your hand,
You know I am not sulking,
because I understand...

What if, I had not bought,
the newest decor of the house,
what if, I had not come across,
that bag right now...

What if, to shop or not,
was the toughest decision in life,
rest of the world, would have been,
an easier ride...

Yes, I look back alot,
to all the choices that I have made,
till now...
Yes, I play, the 'What if' game,
in the darkest hours of my night.

I have tried to picture,
my life with a different decision,
that picture is nothing but,
a painting without any passion...

You & I, yes we,
were meant to be.. the only,
thing that makes me shudder in pain,
is a 'What if' game, without,
You, in it.


Chandni (Chanz) said...

the only thing that makes me shudder in pain is a 'What if' game without you in it...

I found it quite thought provoking... maybe I'll think about it in detail..

Jack said...


Never fret about what is gone. If we go on with IFs and BUTs, life will be so sad. Live in present with positive outlook.

Take care

PS : Oh! I forgot to say Nice poem.

Sakshi said...

Let me know, what your thoughts tell you...!!! :)

@Uncle J
I know, fretting will just make things worse, but well, we all are after all human.

ani_aset said...

wow nice :) and coincidence i have a similar poem title for my last post hehe

Sakshi said...

Yeah.. coincidence... :)