Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Party that was...!!!

After three days, I feel, energetic enough to write a post about the grand Party that sister and I hosted for my parents 25th Anniversary.

Have you ever anticipated something, planned for an event, to the last detail in your mind? and if yes, then for how long? I had started planning my parents Silver Anniversary five years back... * yes call me an idiot* but for five long years, I have anticipated what the party is gonna be like, who the guests are gonna be, what exactly will my parents wear, what will actually happen in the part *the ceremonies etc* and, I had shared all this excitement with sister too... no wonder we both were overwhelmed with tears at some point of the party.

Yeah, so, the GRAND party... as aaaaaawwwwweeeeesssssome. I mean it was just the way that I had planned, the way I had wanted things to happen. But, most of all, I know that my parents were really happy. Normally, there would be stress on the hosts, but, they were totally totally happy *touchwood* and they enjoyed the evening even more than their wedding. Yes, I had been wanting it to be that perfect.

Ok, lets see if I can capture it in my words-
The festivities started on 21st itself, when I had my cousins over for the dance practises that lasted late into the night. That was followed by the arrival of the outstation guests... on 24th, when we had the last practise.. there were almost 15 people in the house, who later went to the Hanuman Temple at 11 in the night to get mehndi done. *in midst of all this, there were many shopping trips, and car breaking, lights going at the wrong time and various other glitches that one can think of*
On 25th morning, we went to the gurudwara, said thanks to the Almighty for blessing us with this day. And then, started the madness... there was shopping still left, my mother's blouse was still at the tailors. My dress was at the dry cleaners, my grandmother's petticoat was at the tailor... and my computer was giving me trouble. And, yeah, I needed diyas for the decoration at the hall, and I could not find em anywhere...
Finally around 3, things got a little calm.. Sister and I left for the venue at around 4.30ish. Reached the venue where there was more confusion and chaos awaiting us. There were huge technical glitches that were happening including the sound guy not being able to connect to the laptop... thanks to my cousin and dad's friend, things got a little under control. Sister and I got ready at Dad's friends' house and when we reached the venue.. our first guests had already arrived.. * talk about making an entrance.. * parents came in a little more late... 
We had live singers, with home we had co-ordinated the entire program, and I was praying hard that it does not fall flat because of lack of participation.
The festivities started with a small little shabad again thanking God, and then, we had the groom side and the bride side... There were the shagun ke geet for both the sides... and then came the baraat... where all of the groom side danced and got dad on the stage * surprise on this side were my father's cousin sisters, who danced and were fully charged up* and then came the bride, under a red dupatta... my mamas (mother's brothers) and their wifes were awesome sport.... Now, happened the ring ceremony... and the Jaimala * all through, the singers were singing the songs relevant to the ceremony happening on the stage* and then came the Videos... Sister and I had made a video compiling old pictures of the couple and family and friends that have been a part of their journey.. the theme of the entire anniversary was 25 Years of Timeless Love  *yeah you know where did that come from* oh, I had used, Four Seasons & Jeene Ke Ishaare in the video... and then there was the video from across the world.. basically my Bua and most of family could not make it for the celebrations, and they had sent their messages through their younger son. That was totally dope, especially for the older generation, who well, you know are still unaware... The dance, the cousins, sister and I had prepared an ode to love and we danced on title track of Salaam-e- Ishq, and Sister sang 'Tere Bin' for my parents. Yeah.. there was the first dance by my parents on 'Jab Koi baat bigad Jaaye' and finally there was the cake cutting and popping of the Champagne... 
Sounds easier than what it was... but, now that it is over, I can't stop reliving that day, and the whole preparations over and over again... and I can't forget the tight hugs that my Dad gave me that day, and the next day... his way of saying "I am Proud of "... especially after all the accolades that he has been getting... most of the people said that it did not feel like a silver anniversary at all... it was much much more, and I am glad that I was able to make this day so so so so so so so special for my parents. This is always going to be my favourite party of all.
I am going to leave you all with the little line that I got printed on their invitation cards-
"Love is timeless, it is the memory of the past, the happiness of today & the promise of Tomorrow"

Happy 25th Anniversary...!!!


Banupriya said...

Long live the happy and proud Parents of Sakshi!!! So happy for ur family

Jack said...


BETI HO TO AISI. Congratulations on everything going the way you wanted.

Take care

pRasad said...

Feels good to know you did soo much for your parents..

I am sure they must be feeling proud of you. And I can feel the joy , your entire family shared that day.

ani_aset said...

goodness me..i cant even imagine doing anything on that scale ever..hats of yaara..and congrats to your parents for getting married :D

Chandni (Chanz) said...

you know what Sakshi, I have read this post in 4 parts.. Every time I started reading, something came up and I had to leave in between.. and today, I finally read it in one go..

and plzzzzzzzzzzz put the pictures...

Wicked Witch of the West said...

So happy that it went as planned...sounds like an amazing time...and I am impressed! (planning something like that should be as impressive on a CV as anything else). Enjoy the reliving...you deserve it, after 5 years and all the work :)

Suruchi said...

Wow Sakshi...
You gave a step by step detail and made your readers a part of your joy....
I could almost feel your anticipation...the madness...the elation...the joy of being together...
You are as wonderful a daughter as a person!

U manage to deliver little gestures of love for your loved ones...
You are a special n gifted dear one!

I am glad all your efforts paid off:-)

Sakshi said...

Thanks for the wishes

@Uncle J
Thanks for your blessings


Thanks, thanks,..like I said, it was in planning for soooo ling.

Pictures, yeah, I'll update the post with the link. :)

I wish, it could have become a part of the CV.. I wish.

Your sweet and terrific and like to say everything nice.