Friday, December 3, 2010

2010: Good Riddance- Part II

So, now that we are concluding the first week of December, I am excited about the last couple of days.*so that this GOD damn year ends ASAP*
You know, there are atleast two friends of mine, that are getting married in the coming two weeks!

*Yeah you guessed it right, the theme of this post is Relationships*

So how do I deal with that. Especially when the opening line of my post was talking about the holy union of two of my real good friends, I just dunno how to put it--- The fact that this year was a BAD BAD year for relationships. *The male- female, love relationship*.
*Otherwise, my darling Suruchi found a whole new meaning to the word Mother- Seeya!, So therefore not talking about the whole gammot of relationships here*

The first and foremost, is the my own relationship, that I had given up on. The thing that I cherished for the longest time with all the sanity that I had- I just .. well.
And it is not only me. I know that a lot of people, really close to me, who thought that things will eventually work out for them, had to settle for- the non working out of the things that you would really want.

I am an optimist, and I never for once doubted all those relationships and their future, hell- I did not doubt on mine till it was too late and I had inflicted enough damage!
And with each heart break that I heard about, my own nightmares returned to me. To revisit the pain of heart breaks is a tough tough job.
As a matter of fact, the whole optimism was shaken to the root, and things that were thought which mattered, actually turned out to be farce. Trusts were broken along with the hearts.
Going by the law of averages- The worst ought to be over, and things should start looking brighter in the newest year *and if cynics are to be believed, then the last two years before the doomsday *.

Lessons Learnt analysing the relationships, heart breaks , heartaches, and marriages this year are the simplest things..
Never ever take for granted- The trust and the love that you have. It is a rare thing to have an a gift to keep.
It always lovely to increase your circle of friends, but NEVER underestimate the love and the understanding of the person who has been your friend for life.
Lastly- To believe and to stand up for the person you love, in front of the society.. No one but only YOU can do that! The strength of a relationship as good as the Confidence that you have in the one you love!

To 2011- Let there be love!
PS: Since I talked about the weddings- One of the weddings is of our dear fellow blogger and my lovely friend Ki! So here is to a new beginning to her! Love you Girl! 


Jack said...


Always have faith that all is going to be fine and it will be. Ups and downs of life make us tough. Yes, one should stand up for own convictions without any fears. I am sure 2011 will be beautiful for you in all respects.

Take care

Rohit Dassani said...

hey its nice to c when ppl stand up for their love... Its hard but in the end its all good.... :)

Suruchi said...

Big hug to you to my darling Sakshi:-)
N thumbs up for holding on with such grit....
You’ve reached so far despite the ups n downs is a sign that the road may be bumpy ahead, but it surely culminates into a beautiful destination:-)
Amen to that...
And this BAD year is not so bad because it has led you to the best years of your’ll see:-)

I know you must be tired of hearing my "sorry" for not being around enough...but I really am...
I always think I should have enough time at hand to call you n that somehow rarely happens:(

Bikram said...

yes here to LOVE in 2011.. May it have what You wish for ...

and congrats to ur friend KI...

2010 GOooooooooooooooooooo

I know exactly what you MEAN beleive me when i say that .... but not a problem as they say every dog has his day.. well if a dog can then WHY CANT I , WE

so our days will come toooo or maybe after i kill a person they will :) ehe he hehe

now take care an smile just 24 days left :)



Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
I am hoping so too!

It is THE toughest fight, and THE battle to win. But, if the person that you are standing for is worth it- Then, it is half the battle won!

Well, I am hoping that the dog will have his day soon! :)

Sakshi said...

I know that even though you are not around expressedly, you think of me often, and wish me all the love and luck!

And, the shameless me that I am, I always message you whenever in need! So, no sorry please!

Arooj said...

long ago i pasted a poster on my wall it has a line written on it
''heart is the part of the body that can carry a scar longer than any other part''.
best of luck for the years coming ahead.

Shalini said...

Let there be Love!!
BTW, LOVED this post!