Friday, January 14, 2011

A fortnight..

Already gone!
And we are still wishing each other Happy New Year.

Two weeks back I was in Mumbai (Yeah, I did manage to finally go for my much needed vacation). And Shayon and I actually met there more than what we manage to meet here. As a matter of fact, Shayon and I have not met from the day he landed here in Delhi. I know it is totally weird!

Anyway, the new year has been decent till now. I got promoted in my dance class and the first matter that I drafted independently came up for hearing for the first time and we got a favourable order!!! So its been a pretty interesting start to the year.
Is this trend going to continue?

I don't know!
To be really honest, I had planned way tooo much last year. I categorically knew what I hoped out of the year.. but nothing happened the way I wanted, so this year I am taking one day at a time. No plans. Not even the lunches and dinners.

I am playing a blind this time. Stakes, accordingly are just going to get higher!


Arooj said...

yai bhi theek hay:-)
sometime short term planning is good then long term planning.

Bikram said...

God bless and AMEN to all that .. yes one day at a time ...

Congrats on the favourable order , and yes God willing the trend will ocntinue this year through 2011 will bea good year ...

sometimes playingblind is good cause you might have a full house in ur hands :)

All the best and take care ...


Sakshi said...


I sure hope that works out!!


I agree! Cheers to that full house!

Suruchi said...

all will be well...keep the faith...
today will be better than yesterday n tomorrow even brighter:-)amen:-)

Kali said...

"Stakes, accordingly are just going to get higher!"- which is the best part. It makes life more unexpected and exciting. Have a great year. Unpredictability is a whole new dimension of awesome-ness. :)

Sakshi said...

Thanks for the faith darling!

I like the way you think girl.
I really do!

xte2yzyo said...

Happy new year :D yes, I am still going around wishin people