Friday, March 11, 2011

Who is at Fault?

Delhi is helpless.
And it needs help, from the psychiatrists and Councilors. One part of the education budget should be kept aside for educating the men, old, young and even kiddos, to manage their anger and their Ego. And then there should also be a fund for tutoring the people of Delhi to have and to hone a sense of humanity. The most recent incident involving the shooting of a 20 year old in broad daylight on one of the busiest streets of Delhi, shows the callousness that the people of Delhi have rather than having a heart.

Yes, the people will protest for sometime, as a matter of fact they are doing that as per the recent news reports.. but then what happens in the long term?

What is it with men? I mean, call me totally lame, but really, what kind of a sadist pleasure is derived from insulting the woman.. especially in cases where it is often claimed that the boy was in love with the woman, and therefore, when that love is rejected by the girl for any reason whatsoever- she is either raped, or acid is thrown on her face so that she remains scarred for life or as per the recent trend that has come by, shoot the girl. 
Shayon talks about the personal rights and as a matter of fact, talking legally we do have a fundamental right to live with all the dignity... then why is it that when it comes to being jilted, you can go to such an extreme level of anger and what not???
Yes, there are some people who are mentally ill.. but then, looking at the statistics of the number of women getting raped- have most of the men lost all sense of treating the other gender with any any any any Respect, or dignity!!! 

Who is at fault?? Because if such a heinous crime is taking place at large in the society- then, there has to be someone at fault.. and there has to be a solution to this problem. And trust me, confining the women at home and telling them wear a burqua is no help.. because women in burqua have also been raped...!!!

Please help me understand, WHY in a country like India, where Goddesses are worshiped, are the women raped and treated like toys?? 

I am sure that everyone is aware of the incident of the 20 year old beiug shot in broad daylight


Jack said...


I fully agree with you that we have become so self centred that if it is not me or my close one why should I bother. We do not realise that if we close our eyes and let the culprit get away, it could be our turn next. In my opinion there are two steps we need to take. First being raising awareness right from childhood for gender equality and respect for each other. Second speedy justice in such cases, say within few months including appeals etc. Protection of witnesses will also surely help in bringing culprit to book. We surely need to wake up before it get too late.

Take care

Suruchi said...

it is disgusting sakshi and also sad that such cases do not seem to be reducing...
rape of a girl is the most hideous crime one can commit for it strips her of a lot more than clothes...

i wish these gross men learn to keep their sick urges to themselves...
there's a lot of wishful thinking involved in this for the society seems to be getting sicker n sicker by the day

Rià said...

Unfortunately i m yet to find the answers to the questions that u have asked here...shortly after getting the news of the girl being shot in Delhi, bodies of 2 women have been found in suitcases in mumbai, and not only were they murdered but raped as well!

Its disgusting and there something that can be done to stop such things from happening?