Sunday, March 27, 2011

Do you think you know him?

My cousin got engaged yesterday. She is two years younger to me. It was a lovely party and an appropriate occasion for all the relatives to raise their eyebrows and ask me 'So when are we hearing your good news?
 In the light of all this leg pulling by cousins and taunts by the elderly (considering that she is younger to me...yeah they were taunts) my tyaji pulled me apart and wanted a status update about 'us'.
And so she heard my side of the story. About how the horoscopes have increased our woes in life. 
She reacts by telling me 'M is back home (M is a distant relative who got married last to last year). I was like huh, why? 
Tyaji tells me that M had a love marriage and she got married within 6 months of knowing this guy, and their horoscopes did not match either, but she went ahead and got married. I ask her again that why is she back home? Then she tells me that he used to hit her etc. I ask her, did you get married after your kundlis were matched? She tells me- But I am good. And I know that you are too. But is he good? How long have you been together? 6 years, I answer, then she asks, so you know him. His mood swings etc..' This is where the conversation ended.

And, I was left at this question of, 'Do I Know him?' I think that I do. I know when is he mad. Because most of the time he is mad at me. Most of his mood swings are because of me. I am an irksome person to be around, easily can get on any one's nerves. As a matter of fact, going by what the boyfriend says, I have become unpredictable and he doesn't know what ticks me off any more.

I think, that we human beings are all very complex beings. There are a gamut of emotions that passes through our head in what 1 second! How can I guarantee that I know him? Or that I will not do anything at all to tick him off to an extend that he loses it all? Don't we all have thresh hold limits? 

I can't guarantee anything, but I just know that he is a good person. A good human being, maybe not perfect, actually he is not perfect at all. His romantic quotient is zero. He is more happy with his PC, phone and his bunch of games than talking to me at the end of the day. Hates my nosy relatives , who I love Alot! 
In a way we are two different poles, but thanks to our magnetism, we keep our world intact. Or atleast try to. 

I wish that this becomes easier for us every day. It is just that, easy and our love life don't go hand in hand at all. So just hoping for the best, and yeah, getting to know him each day.  


Tangled up in blue... said...

This just reinforces to me, that love is not one event that happens to you one day, it is an ongoing process consisting of minutes, hours, days, naps, errands and all the other little things.

As for horoscopes, one day humanity will actually set foot on those distant planets that they say influence our fates, and when we begin to shape those new worlds, I dont think anybody wud be bothered with speculating if they possibly can shape ours. :D Good luck, dear Sakshi. :)

Bikram said...

hmmm well let me tell you we will never know others as good as we want , cause different situations get different views..

I dont beleive in horsocope as such it all ahs changed with the advent of a new zodiac.. so how can it all matter now .. a point ot think about ...

Dont worry much all will be fine you take care of yourself ... and smile

Wicked Witch of the West said...

There is a big difference between 6 months and 6 years. Yes, it can work with someone you have known 6 months, or even not at all - but it takes a few years, varied life experiences and moods to know how someone will react to the changes and variations and life. And, this is important as it is so very easy to get along when all is new, exciting and 'romantic' - but it takes entirely different qualities to get through the times when life is more mundane or even tough. And of course, you guys have been through these times and weathered them - and I think have both shown the qualities to get you through any more.

Men playing computer games is certainly annoying (and of course from my point of view, he is faaaar too interested in cricket -otherwise quite perfect of course) - but then, romantic is overrated too. At least, the traditional sense of romantic (hearts and flowers, dining and poetry). Someone knowing you so well, understanding you, and working hard to be with you is very romantic.

I am sure it will become easier and your time will come - just stay positive, enjoy the time you do have, and keep up that grown up, controlled yet resolved face with those who will determine (no such tantrums as I would surely throw :D)

RiĆ  said...

hope things go in the right direction for u...i m too lost at the moment to write anything else.

Suruchi said...

baby, you can never know people even after spending a lifetime with them...
when it comes to love, you have to go by your gut is there or it is not...there is no midway path.

and it is certainly there with you guys and you certainly are there too:-)

and nothing attracts as well as opposites attract:-)

and then...kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hain kehna;-)

Rohit Dassani said...

Excellent.... the magnet are still attracting.... and would do so...for the rest of our lives,...
I know what u going through... its difficult to say that you know him completely.... in a way u dont and in a way u do!! too complex to understand!!
By the way... ppl are here to talk... they would do even if u have choosen their match.... so go and do what u want to do!!
Best of luck again......... i am so happy for u!!

Jack said...


You only get to know a person when you are living together 24 X 7 and even then there are suprises at times. One needs to have faith firstly in self and then partner. For a healthy relationship Mutual Trust, Mutual Respect, Two way open & logical communication and NO EGO are the basic requirements. Sense of humour and physical side cement the bond.

Take care