Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hi Fiving the tag!

The Cow tagged me into boring you all and telling you about the five things that are this and that! So carry on and be bored! :P

A)      Five things in my room:
1. My sofa cum Bed! The thing that surprises most of the people and they end up asking me, ‘Who sleeps on this, you or your sister?’
2   Big Picture Collage- That is hung right above my bed, it captures my journey from being a toddler till turning 20!!
3.  My big Study table that houses everything, from the computer to books to clothes
4.  Stuff Toys- There is one pony hanging from the handle of my almirah, and there are stuff toys generally all around the room.
5.  The BIG bold stripes of yellow and orange that captivates the fun element in my room!! J

   B) Five things in my bag:

   1. My notebook- Very important considering that I am a lawyer, and I need to take down notes as and        when required.
   2. My lip gloss (es)- Yeah, not one or two atleast four of em are present in my bag. Depending on the nature of the occasion that I might have to go to after office.
   3. Earrings- A pair of earrings just in case I need to dress up asap!
   4. Hand sanitizer- A must, now that we get hungry like nomads, we don’t have the patience or the inclination to wash hands. We do away with the Hand Sanitizer!
   5. Then there is the Comb, clips, pens and pencils. Along with loads of rubbish papers. And a book.

 C) Five things in my wallet: 
 1. Money- Atleast some.
  2. Id Cards- I need to carry my proximity card around to gain entry in the court premises.
  3. Other Cards- That include business cards, credit cards and a Debit card.
  4. Old Bills- For some weird reason I have loads of old bills that I carry around.
  5. Barkat ka Sikka- I was gifted a silver coin on Diwali for prosperity and I keep it with me all the time J

D) The five most favourite things about my house:
  1. My secret Window- There is a bay window in my room, and whenever I need some ME time, I sit there  and close the curtains. No one knows where I am hiding.
  2. My Bathroom- I have a fetish about clean, hotel like bathrooms. The one attached to my room, is just like that. A big Mirror, loads of girly stuff and super clean. One of the many reasons why my sister and I can stay in there and talk on phone for hours! ;P
  3. The Drawing room- I just love the drawing room. It is the joint effort of my mom and me and we are very proud of it.
  4. My house is super airy, and has loads of sources of natural light and during summers it is great coz, you have loads of natural light for most of the day.
   5. The big Veranda- I have loads of plants there and it is the most awesome place to sit during the winters and enjoy the sun.. and the rains.

I tag:
Uncle J

And anybody and everybody who wishes to take up this Tag! Happy tagging & you are It!  


Rohit Dassani said...

Thankz.... i hope i am that Rohit... by the way... i didnt get the part of the lip glosses.... you put it based on the occasion.... could you please explain?

This was a good one..... :)

Bikram said...

:) nice one and Thanks for tagging me Will take it up for sure :)


Rià said...

Nice tag dear. Will take it up soon enuff.

Kali said...

thanks for the tag, let me read your posts first! its been long! hope you're doing well!

xte2yzyo said...

Will do the tag surely, love :)

Jack said...


Now I know where to catch you, behind curtains in Bay window. Awwwww, me too tagged. Let me see how soon I can take it up. Thanks for remembering me.

Take care