Monday, April 25, 2011


Their families were friends and by that virtue they had to become friends. Tolerate each other may be for some time, only later did they realize that there is more to it than mere tolerance.
He did his law, and started practicing here in Delhi. His office colleagues never questioned his not having a girlfriend, or for the fact that he was not in a hurry to get married. Bane or boon, early marriages of lawyers is less heard of! She made her career there and started working as a T.V. anchor in a local bengali channel.

He turned 30, and went back to Calcutta for some work, some urgent work is what he quoted in his leave application, all his colleagues wondered and hoped that now he might come back with the good news of his wedding being fixed. On his return, of his colleagues, from his team, started coaxing him, asking him if there was wedding on the cards, that is when he told her that, 'I belong to a very conservative bengali family. When I was leaving for college, my mother told me that, look son, you have some weird doshas in your horoscope, so be careful and don't get yourself in trouble'; that is one major reason why he had to wait to be older than 28, apparently the doshas reduce their effects after that age. He was always the simple, shy and totally a mothers darling boy...

The night of the world cup final, at the annual office retreat, he along with couple of others were not watching the match *they were asked to sit out because they were jinxing the match* and sitting near the bon fire, over a couple of drinks, he and his colleagues talked about love, and matching horoscopes, swapped stories about the resilient parents and how love has to, has to win at the end. It is after all the happiness of the couple that get married!

Another week later, the hard working, always on his seat and never distracted guy, is pacing all over the office constantly on the phone. He sits down and gets up, and takes another walk with the phone glued to his ear. Two days later he doesn't turn up in office. Every one thinks that he is in court. That is nothing new for him. More than half a day is gone, clients are eating the head of his other team mate colleague. Finally, she calls him up, only to find out that he has flown to Calcutta!

After the weekend he comes back, he is blushing all over. They had a strong liking for each other for the past three years. He was super scared of facing the consequences of both the families. It was her, who told him, that 'I know, who makes me happy and I know that I want to get married to you. Period'. That is when he took the decision, and took her to a mall bought a ring and put it on her finger, to make it official. Did not care about what the parents have to say. She too gave him a ring. And they made it 'official' for themselves.

The parents are of course horrified, and are meeting up in the coming few days in order to ascertain the viability of this match. He is super jittery, but has his mind fixed, on the girl he wants to spend rest of his life with, so in case the parents agree to not to get them married, the entire office is ready to throw them a huge party and get them married!
And yes, they are ready to Elope!
This is a real story of my colleague in office! Yes there may be slight variations depending upon certain presumptions that I have made. But, to be honest, when he told us his story today, I was scandalized, because, maximum number of lectures about love, marriage et all have come from me. I was also very happy for him, because, he finally took a step and stood firm on it. She I think is landing in Delhi tomorrow, and he was super flustered the entire day, and our boss was sweet enough to over look all his absent mindism and supported him full on!
I wish that his struggle bears the fruit! 


Banupriya said...

Wish him loads of luck and happiness in his new found joy and yup the firmness he stood and the girl's decision will definitely take them heights in their love - life.

Ankit Garg said...

This story is a good example to convey a message "Do what you want to do and always follow your heart".

His story is the story of all those people who are/were in same situation like him.

RiĆ  said...

Wish him lots of luck n love. Good to see ppl stick to their choices.

Bikram said...

NOW that is what I love reading HE IS THE MAN and the GIRL too excellent , I admire and respect them more they stood by there choices otherwise in today modern life its like one night stands more often ..

WELL done to him and ALL THE BEST.. and if they need somewhere to Elope ask them to go to punjab :) my house is vacant there , no worries ..

Good luck to the love birds and hope they live happily every after


Rachit said...

Lots of congratulations and bunches of roses for the newly wed couples :) And, for sure you have a great amalgam of posts making it a readers treat. I'm coming here again.. :)