Friday, April 8, 2011

Madness of the world,
a tiny part of insanity,
you me and our love...

There is always a 'only if',
and there is also an 'when and if',
down and out, over and over..
lost in all the muddle..

Fighting within,
fighting with the world,
fighting for your right,
and fighting for what is wrong..

Material gain versus the,
person within you,
sanity versus the insanity in you,
love versus the society,
war versus the peace..
It is all about the fight,
all about the choices,
that we make in our lives..

A path less taken,
or the one oft treaded on,
our destinies are writ,
whether we like it or not..

Defying the fate,
holding on to what is ours,
just love, of you me, and ours!


RiĆ  said...

It indeed is abt the choices we make in our lives...

Jack said...


Churning emotions in mind expressed so well. Hope everything settles down to your liking.

Take care

PS : Left comments to all pending posts, Affirmation upwards. Also in this colour combination I had to strain my eyes to read. Please do something about it.