Friday, April 22, 2011

The Office Laptop!

There are very few things that make my mother proud of me. The last time she was supremely proud of me and bragged about my achievements was when I got my class X results! Yeah, that long time back.
After that, I only never gave her a chance to really tell me that, I have achieved something in my life.

No amount of college prizes, or the recognition in college  helped. [for some weird reason, it so important to top when you are in school, and no one bothers when you are in college!]
And the later when I started working, it did not help that a cousin of mine, from the same batch but from a 'national' law school, got a job in a top notch firm, and well, is earning way beyond what I am! On the other hand, there is me, who started working in Litigation. With a Lawyer in the Supreme Court and considering what I heard about my boss from the fraternity, it was AN awesome opportunity for a young lawyer to work under such an awesome boss.
The turn of events happened this year, mid- january when the boss announced that our little practice is getting merged with a law firm! 
It became official just about 22 days back on the 1st of April, 2011, and I got my very own visiting cards, a desk, and big office in general. The big thing tough was getting the office laptop, which even though is a hand - me- down, is in a superb working condition and is super solid. 
The day I gave her my visiting card that I got from office, my mom super happy, and  yesterday when I got the system home, and show the 'official e-mail id' etc.. she was relieved that, now I am actually settled! 

The most that I have to thank for this stability are my two seniors P and M! They had faith in me, and when my boss was ready to throw me out told me and more importantly molded me into being a person who not only works hard but also appreciates good work and hard work, they have taught me how to stay away from office politics, and because I am the only one who sits in the new office and they all are yet to shift, for every little thing, I call em up, actually mostly M, because he is the less scandalous of the two! But will always give sane advise. I am glad that I am building the foundations of my career with people who appreciate not only your work but also the person that you are. Give an opportunity to find your own 'foothold' and become a respectable name in the fraternity!
I love them to the core, and trust me, working in the new office is like working in the foreign lad, at the end of each day that goes by, I call em up and give them the report of what all has happened, and one day we don't get to talk, its like we are missing out on some thing! 
Such is the bond that has become between us.
I pray that we love each other like the way we do- Always!

Dear God,
You are being kind, please keep on showering your kindness at me!
Thank you,


Tangled up in blue... said...

Congratulations! :) On the laptop and more! And here's to climbing many more rungs on that ladder of success! :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Congratulations! :) On the laptop and more! And here's to climbing many more rungs on that ladder of success! :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

Congratulations! :) On the laptop and more! And here's to climbing many more rungs on that ladder of success! :)

Ankit Garg said...


After reading this post I want to say three things which I felt myself :-

1. Comparison done by anyone between you and your cousin is really a pain in ass.

2. Somebody said about official life:
There are lot of people who enjoy official politics but few who enjoy working.Try to fall in second category.

3. Office life become super cool when your colleague become your good friend.

ANC said...

As someone who has been dealing with quite a lot of tension at work myself, all I can say is--thank God for good mentors and hang in there!

Good luck :)

♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Thats Awesome! Congrats! :)

Banupriya said...

Congratulations and so happy to hear that your mom is super proud.. We are all proud for our budding lawyer! Way to go Sakshi.

Sakshi said...


She is absolutely delighted at me, no wonder that she left me a comment thrice! Thank you darling :)

Sakshi said...

First welcome to my blog! :)

Yes, I agree with what all you have said, but I have had this pain in the ass for the longest time :) Have grown out of it, really.
I HATE, LOATHE, office politics, there is nothing worse than jealous and bad mouthing colleagues!

And yes it is always good to have people taking your back, and encouraging you forward!

Sakshi said...

Welcome back and super thanks for your comment and your visit :)

Sakshi said...

Thank you sweetheart! :)

Thank you sweetie :)