Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lil Update

Hi All!
I have load of blogs to catch up too! Just saw so many new blog posts up!
But, I have been finishing up a lot this week, especially, with the half day on Wednesday... and now the office trip in couple of hours. I am really nervous. It is like going for a school thing when you know no one else at school! Its scary!
But hope fully will make through the weekend, and will be back happy. Two nights with loads of strange people in the wilderness and no phones! That is a tough one!
Wish me luck!

And all the best to team India! This one we have to win for own little Master Blaster!
Have a great weekend, I promise to catch up on all the pending posts when I am back! :)

PS: Please also take a minute out and send a little prayer and best wishes to Shayon's mom, she has taken ill!

Thank you! 


RiĆ  said...

Good to see an update from u. And hope shayon's mom becomes ok soon. U take care and keep us posted.

Bikram said...

How is Shayon's Mum now .. god bless ..


Chandni (Chanz) said...

We won.. :)

And Shayon, take good care of your mom..

Anonymous said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaar jeet gaye tumlog! :(
And I aint sad! You guys played well! :) (And no it aint a formal comment)

Goodie good luck for everything! Prayers for aunty :)

Jack said...


How is she now? Hope you had good time on that trip.

Take care