Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Road ahead..

I am supposed to be working right now. I am swamped in work and on most of the days, like today, I bring work back home. Because I am swamped with work.

Things have changed. Finally they have.
The merger with the Law firm is official and I am a part of a law firm now. I have my own business cards, my own official e-mail id, and lots of work. The merger became official on 1st of April, and on 2nd I went for an official 'Retreat' to Shivpuri. Three days of camping with the office mates. That too new ones, considering that no one else apart from V came with me for the trip. I was apprehensive at first. Even scared being the new kid in groups that were already formed and chemistries that were already going on. But, that did not stop me from making new friends. The crowd from the Mumbai office was also there, and they were fun to hang around with. I also discovered that many of my office colleagues are into photography in a BIG way, so, there are loads of pictures of the birds and the bees from the pros, and all the people photos have been taken by the layman photographers.

Now, the logistics after merging of two offices is sort of difficult. There are files that need to be moved, there are files that have to be numbered and re numbered and matters that have to be sorted according to number of people that have increased and decreased in your team!! I being the junior most, was sent to the new office *which btw is super awesome* on the first day after we came back from the retreat and from that day till today, I have been having the hardest time hanging in between the offices. I have become a part of the new office, settled in, and enjoying the big office experience whereas, the seniors are yet to move in, thanks to the logistics, I was asked to move in start working ASAP because, I was needed there. The dilemma here is, that, I loved the atmosphere when it was just us, you know the four of us P,M,V, me and ma'am, I was the baby. Here there are atleast 4 others who are my contemporaries,  who make me feel like a grown up. A little more confident about myself and generally it is always nicer to have people your age around you. And because I have been spending a lot of time in the new office as opposed to the rest of the team, they have started teasing me, telling ,me that, 'I have changed' or that 'Mujhe wahan ke logon ki hawa lag gayi hai'.. I know that they are teasing me, but somehow, I don't like it. The rest of em, have not really been too enthu about the whole merging thing. And, I am stuck in between two offices. Swamped in work!

The people and the politics will come soon enough. I am just playing along.

I have no idea what the road ahead has to offer me.. taking one day at a time! :)


Unknown said...

Oye, you changed the blog's theme? When? Well, it does look nice :)

As for the new change, embrace the change. Getting lost in the unknown is so much more exciting and educating than being the frog in the well.

RiĆ  said...

Thats the approach tht u need to take girl, one day at a time. Good luck!!

Banupriya said...

Finally I got access to your blog from my office. It was blocked all these days. Thanks for the new change in the blog. Taking one day at a time - Nice.. Wish you success in every step dear.

Jack said...


Keep your attitude positive and everything will be fine. As far as you can avoid office politics, try to hear everyone but do not make any negative comments. I am sure you will climb ladder of success in the new set up with your hard work. Have a good time.

Take care

Sakshi said...

Yup, I changed the theme (which is very visible) but there is something more that I would like to do! But,am not that techie!
Glad you liked my efforts! :)

Sakshi said...

I really hope that you landed in the Queens country and are doing well! Thank you :)

Sakshi said...

Offices are like that :) But am glad that you are having fun! :)

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
Glad that you liked my new blog theme! I really hope that you are doing well.. and having fun :)

Suruchi said...

congratulations...and the new look of the blog looks just as beautiful and fresh...indication of things happening around?;-)

and anywhere u go...u'll make friends..u are that filled with positivity:-)

Ankit Garg said...

Feeling of joining a new office is like child hood feeling of joining new school where every thing is new.