Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Crazy world of MARKS!

Where the hell is the world heading to?

The 12th Class result was declared yesterday. Those of us who have been and brought up here in India under the Indian education system are well aware of the fact, that how important is it to get a GOOD score in class 12th. Or as more often put by the teachers and parents- "Your future depends on it."

Yes, I agree that our future depends on our school result, because from there we start our journey to choosing our colleges etc.! But HELLO- the amount of pressure.. the value of marks? All has gone down the dumps.

My younger sister too got her results today. She is scored a 94%. I scored what a 70%.. she is still very unhappy because- this may mean not a good college in Delhi University!

Now- the college admissions are divided into two categories here-

One- is your professional courses, like engineering, medicine law etc, wherein you give their entrance examination and clear the same and require a minimum of 65% in your 12th Class boards to get admission.

Second- Is getting admission in Delhi University, where you need SUPER scores to get into a great college. Delhi University is divided into two campuses- The north campus, that houses the colleges like St. Stephens, Hindu, SRCC etc and the South Campus, which has maximum number of girls college, top most being Lady Sri Ram College and College of Jesus and mary along with some top notch colleges like Sri Venkateshwara college.

And to get admitted in these elite institutions you have to have a score which is above 90%. A 90% makes sure that you get into a decent college in Delhi University. You can forget about the premiere institutes, unless you decide to go for a course that is your secondary choice or tertiary choice… but a 90 + means that you may get a good college and MAY get the course of your choice and a 95% + makes sure that you have the world at your feet.

And trust me, there are kids who get, those many marks and there are loads and loads of kids, whose plans get altered because of .1% difference in marks.


There was a time when a 75% marks and a distinction meant a world. People valued marks and more importantly the university meant having fun in college. College did not mean such tough decisions on life.

I went through the same thing. As a matter of fact, I nicely fucked up the 'future making' years. Do I regret it? Yes, I used to. Today, well, there are times that I look back and give a 'what if' situation to myself.. but then you get what you deserve and nothing can change that!

My poor younger sister is very very distraught right now. The number of students in the 90+ bracket, is almost the double of what there were last year, and we all are very worried, mainly because, knowing her- She is VERY determined to do what she WANTS and nothing in this world can really take that away from her. No one has dared to any ways, but today, she knows that it is not the parents, the school or the friends who she has to deal with, but the crazy real world. And crazy realty of life!

I really hope for her sake and for all the hard- work that she has sincerely put in that- Her dreams come true!


Ankit Garg said...

This is a agony of Indian Education System that one has to prove his knowledge (either by scoring high marks in school exams or clearing out entrance exam with good rank) to get an admission.

I feel that all these hurdles comes to end once you get in to the job (although, to get a job there is also a minimum criteria of marks/grade).
Being an software professional I feel that once you start working then your knowledge and hard work matters not the percentage of marks one has scored in their student life.

I wish the best for her.


Anonymous said...

What would happen for the likes of me who were like 36% :)..
that is the difference wit hthe way of education, If i was in india i wud never have got a decent job other then through bribe etc. wheras i have not done bad for myself here even with that less marks.

all the best to your sis..


Ashish Surana said...

All the best to her.... and sure its not the end of it...there are lot more opportunities ahead :-)

Thank god i am done with the schooling else i wouldn't stand a chance !!

Rambler said...

just imagine how 10 years from now would be like.

Alka Gurha said...

Less than 90 percent is like second division....what u say is so true.

RiĆ  said...

This is what i hate abt the education system of india...its so mark centric.

Suruchi said...

my god..94% and still scared...now i am scared of what the future would hold:/

marks anyways don't determine the future...they may effect the admissions, but tell her that if you are a go getter, nothing can stop u...

look at you only for example, done superbly well, even with a 70%!

Erratic Thoughts said...

First off, Congratulations to your sis...i mean 94% is like wow!
I would have done a gig around my place with that score.. :D
N a determined mind always gets what its running after,no matter what, so dont you worry about that...

All the best to her!

Jack said...


I agree our system has gone crazy. Children have to bear tremendous pressure. Please wish her Best of Luck from my side. I pray that she gets what she wants.

Take care

PS : I tried to post this the day you wrote this post but had problems and my PC was down till today morning.