Sunday, May 22, 2011

Am I grown up?

How do you know that you are grown up? Is there any sort of a indication that you are given- that tells you that now you are a grown up.. and hence you have to behave in a manner that is prescribed by the society!

Or one day you suddenly get up in the morning and you *WHAM* you are a grown up!

This question has been troubling me a lot these days, as a matter of fact it feels like that I am back in my teenage years, when it was often said that, we are 'Young' Adults and were expected to behave rationally, think rationally, but were still treated like kids.

So I am going to analyze, whether or not I am a grown up.. and then leave you all with a bunch of questions…


  1. Age: I am of the 'legal' majority age- Meaning thereby- I can vote, I have a driver's license and legally, I can get married too!
  2. Education: I am a graduate and a Law degree holder, passed with Honors…
  3. Work: I am employed in a law firm, where I am expected to work at least 7 hours a day and generate revenue for the firm! *It is a completely different matter altogether on the actual number of hours that I put in* and I get a salary at the end of each month.
  4. I have a car, I drive to work every day!
  5. No, I am not married, and thus have no kids.
  6. Yes, I stay with my parents, younger sister and grandmother.
  7. No, I do not make my bed each morning. As a matter of fact, I like to sleep in late.. and I am super lazy!
  8. Whenever my parents are out of station, the max that I have done is talked on the phone late night and helped my darling best friend, to sneak out at night. I am responsible kid/ grown up.. whatever!
  9. Oh, I don't smoke. And, I love a drink after a hard days work, but that is about it- I get a hug from my darling boyfriend after a hard day at work- I will not even have a drink after that!
And that pretty much sums it all up for me, now the thing that is happening is- that- There are girls in my office, who are my contemporaries, a year younger to me actually *I dropped a year!*; but the way they act- is NOT at all, the way that I act. I am just myself. And they both well, actually, behave like they are so much more senior or experienced than me. They, if I may use the word- act 'mature'. I do not know how a 24 year old is supposed to act.. but considering that the Partners I report to, have told a lot of times that- I need to grow up- has to indicate that I am not 'Grown up' as yet
But then, does being a grown up- mean, that you can't be excited about things.. or that you can't jump about, when you are happy? Or that, you have to always be in control of all your emotions? Yes, I do have a tendency to say wrong things at worst of timings. I have the knack of saying absolutely nonsensical things at times. Boyfriend has told me a million times to think before I speak- and I have tried too!

But this being a 'grown up' business, is little too out of my league.. or so I guess. I like to be babied, I love it when my father talks to me in the 'dad' tone, you know, like he is talking to his little girl. But at the same time, I can't stand it, when my father, acts like a total authoritarian, coz I am his little girl. That sort of gets me confused all over.

Maybe- I have to take a conscious decision, and stick to it- That I have to be a 'grown up'. But. The child in me, refuses to let go…!!

What do I do?


Anwesa said...

Nothing much to do. Just going with the flow is suffice.

Ashish Surana said...

I believe grown up @ work place means, being able to think from a business aspect and that comes with time & experience.

On the other hand, its important to be don't let the child inside excited and be foolish :)

I'm back to blogging after a long long time..

take care.

Sakshi said...

I hope so :)

Sakshi said...

Welcome back to blogging! and , I hope that things work the way you suggested! :)

Sakshi said...

By some stupidity- I deleted the comment that came by Ankit-
I am re-posting it here from my mail-

"Hey Sakshi,

What I feel is that the child with in us never want to grow up but it gets along when it comes between people. It starts behaving according to the people, it tends to behave grown up with people seems to be grown up and childish when it is alone or among the close ones.
Our mind says to act like a grown up but our heart never allows to do it.

-Ankit "

Sakshi said...

First, sorry for the deletion... about what you have written, I agree, that you start behaving like the people around you are. Adapting to the things that are going around..
But at the same time-
I also feel, that, even amongst the closest there is a code of behavior- which if not followed.. doesn't help!

Thanks :)

Jack said...


Relax. Each one of us changes in behaviour as we add years to our age. As 1 year old many of us throw tantrum by rolling on ground or throwing thing if our demand is not met. But that stage goes off by 2 yrs of age or so, isn't it? Realisation comes automatically what to do and what not to. All I will say is do what your conscience permits. We all have child within us and let it be so. Yes, at times one does need to control emotions as I can not jump like 10 yrs old on getting something favourite. One needs to behave as per situation or circumstances.

Take care

Suruchi said...

stay as you are...growing up depends on our choices...n the one that you have made would ensure that you won't ever:-)