Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Change in the winds..

I have been meaning to write for a really long time, but I just did not want to jinx the good times that are rolling around me. Actually, there is nothing particularly exciting that is making me happy, but the mundane peace that has started to descent over- that works for me too! More than the excitement that is very loud!

The most exciting  othing, apart from the car, is that Castle Season 3 starts end of this month, and so does the new season of How I Met your Mother (Of which I think I wrapped up like, 12-13 episodes already, thanks to the boyfriend).

Rest of the excitement is in the the hours that I spend at work. I was very confused at towards the mid of last moth when the change over happened and I was literally shoved to the firm's original office, where as the rest of the team was continuing to work in the old office. Rather, there were couple of days in the middle, when I was absolutely miserable, and I felt like an outsider to the 'Litigation Team' which I had left behind. There was the occasional leg pulling about how I had become a part of 'THEM'.. *Yeah, they are still not warming up to the idea of the merger!* as a matter of fact, there was on such occasion when I actually smsed Mr. MDR, telling him that I was hurt by the behaviour of Ms. P and Ms. V! Of course, there was a lecture that came my way which talked about the 'Physical distance changing the relationship equation'; well, of course things have changed.. aren't they bound to? But treating me the way they did, well, gave me the final push of what boyfriend has been trying to explain.. that I need to move on. Not that they are not there, its just that, time for expanding horizons and making new friends, has come! So, it hurts a tad bit less, but never the less, it did provide for a little growing up.

Talking of which, I have absolutely NO clue, about how to behave in the 'super chilled matured' way that the rest of them behave.. I was babied like crazy since the day I started working... now, it is time to grow up, and assume responsibilities! The best part being, that I get to interact with the clients and they call me first to get clarifications etc.. yes there have been days that have literally made me go MAD, by yapping on the phone, but then, I think, I will be able to adapt to the new world order.. as a matter of fact, the process continues! And I am a much more happy person than I was 15 days back!

Moving on, the personal life has been on an upswing! *TOUCHWOOD*, I have been meeting friends, Boyfriend and I took Kashvi out for dinner and drinks, where she drank non-alcoholic stuff *and she bumped into me in the middle of Def Col market, where we squealed and hugged like crazy girls in middle of the road, a cute guy honked at us to clear the way, and we exchanged smiles with the cute guy, only couldn't exchange numbers or names! SIGH!*! Boyfriend and I also hosted a friend's wife.. and best of all, boyfriend and I have been meeting, regularly, I may add. And, we have been talking again. Like really talking to each other. Not the mandatory conversations that had become sorta, weird, actual talks that make us smile! Yes, we have tiffs, but who doesn't! I still maintain and believe that, the best part about a fight is the 'kiss and the make up part' !
Hell, We have been kissing a lot.. lately! ;) *touchwood to that too*

*And, oh, we went to this AWESOME place in Saket's Select Citywalk Mall called Haggen-Danz, where, we both had some heavenly, ice creams and waffle, and that was our dinner! DAMN- I lost another day to lose weight!*

My parents too are calming down, to me being back at home from work at 10! I know it is ridiculous, but then that is how it has been... crazy busy! There is also the occasional of boyfriend's name and our future together talk thrown at me randomly.. which btw, is a great sign of success, that I hope shall follow soon!

There are the bad days. There are days that are worst off, but then everyday, the first person I see, is our receptionist at office, Anu (lets call her that here), who gives me courage to petty out my life problems.. you know why? Because, she hardly 30, and she lost her husband two years back to a terminal illness, and has two lil kids to look after! There is HUGE family support to her, but no family can replace the emptiness of heart.. that void! But, I still see her smiling an laughing.. talking to us, and pulling us up, for coming late.. giving us gossip, and making sure that the office is running smoothly!
And each day, she makes me Thank God, for what I have. She is really sweet, I tell you!

And before I sign off, in about 10 odd days Ms. Bludheemary will be joining the gang with Kashvi and me, here at Delhi, and I can't wait to have her here, and to have girl friends in real life to hang out with.. and I sincerely hope and pray that we get to spend time together... a lot of it!

I hope that life has been treating ye all well..!!! Till the next post- Cheers!


Alka Gurha said...

Am glad u r enjoying in this heat....Whos Kashvi? Nice name.

Unknown said...

Good to see a really cheerful post from you, after quite a while!

xte2yzyo said...

Sakshi, cant wait to see you too. Seeee you really soon <3

Tangled up in blue... said...

I am sooo looking forward to Castle! I cant decide who I miss more actually..Rick Castle or Barney Stinson! :)

Jack said...


Finally got over my lethargy and read all pending posts. Congratulations on new car. This reminds me to intimate DCP Traffic that roads need to be kept clear when you drive. LOL. Please convey my congratulations to Hero of Elope. Hope all goes well now. For every DOSH there is an anti-dote. Hope you can do what you mentioned in Note. I am so happy that you are acquitting yourself well in professional side. Keep faith and have confidence in yourself. You will do well. I pray that all remains well in your personal front too.

Take care

Suruchi said...

my god...touchwood time it is!:-)
and yes, counting your blessings too....

and the term "my boyfriend" from now onwards, eh?

RiĆ  said...

Lots going on in ur life...good to knw that. Keep loving n keep smiling. :)

Bikramjit Singh Mann said...

One should be always thankful and happy in the good times .. bad days are there always .. thats what life is

all the best and hope you have you have plenty to smile upn take care and god bless