Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Don't Spread Rumors, they cause- Fire! And Panic!

The views expressed in this Post are purely of the Author. And since, this post is all about politics and,democracy and raising hell, I \ have the constitutional freedom to raise hell in my own way, a.k.a. express my views. That is exactly what I am doing. This is not a personal attack on any one, or their idealism. 


I have tried to keep myself away. I have been commenting on lots of statuses on FB and sharing my views on twitter. But, then, I just can't answer everyone! It's too many against a handful of us *Or so I am assuming*
who do not support Anna!

Now, before, you get ready to spit fire on me, and before you shut down my blog page in disgust, you may want to hear me out. And in case you don't want to, then, well, the country is any which ways going to the dogs, you are just going to be another breed that is gonna rip it apart *Its a pun, please do not take it personally*.

So, as I write this, Mr. Hazare, has refused to get out of the jail. There are people at Chattrasal Stadium who refuse to leave. And then there is the mayhem outside the Tihar Jail that refuses to subside, earlier because Anna was arrested. Now, because, he refuses to come out!

Does that mean, that I am supporting corruption? Or that, I am a secret spy from the government side, who is trying to influence her mere 50 *now again 49* followers?
No. Neither of it is true. And, I do not want it to be true.

Who doesn't want a corruption free nation, where your work is done by the virtue of the fact that, it is the duty of that official to do your work because that is what he is employed to do. I mean, I would love it, if for once, I do not have wait like a five million years to get my phone line back in order.

But, in this case, where Anna is spreading the fire of the cause of rising against the plague of corruption, does the end truly define the means? Today, he is holding the entire government, all the political parties at their tether ends, by what? By the power of sheer black mail. I am going to go to the extent of calling it pure extortion.
Tell me, who starts this vicious circle of corruption? Who.. the babus, who take the money, or we, the people of India, who will pay some hari patti, for the short cut! The day, we put our foot down, and tell the babus, Dude, nothing doing, this is a part of your duty, your KRA, and in case you do not do this, because you want money *Bribe* from me, then I think that I will see you in Court.
Oh, you all do know that there is a Prevention of Corruption Act (PoCA) in our country, that lets you complain to the CBI for any act of Corruption that is done by any government official? And do you also know that if a departmental inquiry is started against an employee, his career is as good as finished.
But, tell me, would you rather go to the authorities with a complaint against a babu for bribery or pay him some money and get your work done?
My guess, is that you won't.

*And if you do, and need a lawyer, you know where to contact.. right?*

Extorting the government, to bend to your demands is not a way to protest. This makes you no less than a terrorist, who would want it his way or boom. Isn't that the basis of the terror attacks, that the government does not listen to them , therefore the innocents get killed!?
Anna is doing exactly the same thing. Of Course, thank God, there has been no super violence, else innocents would have lost their lives here too.
Supporting a cause is not wrong. But, when the focus shifts from the Cause, and moves into the territory of an ego battle, that is the time, we should be thinking, what to support!

Most of the people who are out there right now, have no idea, what the Jan Lok Pal Bill is all about! They just know one thing, that this legislation will fight corruption. Half Knowledge is more dangerous than no knowledge at all! And that is what is happening on the streets out there.

*You remember how in Rang De Basanti, that staunch party worker, finally realised that the cause has been lost in midst of the power game? I fear, that is exactly what is happening!*

The Jan LokPal Bill that team Anna is so keen to get implicated, says that all the power will be vested in one body, that will look after the corruption cases. In short, there is no provision for an appeal against for whatever Team Anna says. They thus, are putting themselves, even above the Supreme Court, the Guardians of our Constitution. And, the Constitution itself was drafted in a way, so that one does not become all too powerful. *There is a reason, why the Supreme Court, can rattle the government * And because, the team sitting in the LokPal panel, would any ways be of the pre conceived notion that all those in the government or in government jobs are corrupt, *that is what they are claiming right?* how would one expect a fair trial?
Now isn't that killing the democracy? 
If you are here, and reading this blog post I request you to please read this article, and analyse the legislation yourself!

Support the Cause. We are a Democratic Nation! We have been given a choice to select the people we want up there in the Parliament! Why is it that, when ever we are asked to exercise, this one right, we make the most DUMB decisions? Either we don't vote, or we don't know who to vote for and end up voting for some random guy! Read the manifestos that are given to you. Question the candidates when they come to ask for your votes! Almost all the Candidates, come in their constituencies for election campaigns! And they organize interaction sessions, use it. Vote. Encourage people to vote.

And whenever, you are supporting a cause, don't support it or follow it blindly. Make a decision, through information. Especially because you are a literate *I am assuming that you are* because you are reading this. You have the right to make informed, and educated decision. Use this right well.

And, if you are supporting the cause of India, free of corruption, then start doing your bit. Accept your mistakes, and next time a traffic cop stops for a fine, don't bribe him to get out of it. If you are wrong, pay the fine. Bear the punishment.
Get your passports and Driving licenses, done through your own efforts and not through touts!
To clean the system, We have start by cleaning our own-selves first. Support the cause, not the ego battle that this is turning out to be.
Be wise!

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Jack said...


Good post. If you remember I said the same thing in my post about corruption some time ago that we need to first start with ourselves. Mind you, it is not that lowly paid traffic constable or BABU in some office but we need to get those at high places who are raping ( pardon my language ) our nation. It is an open secret that those who get elected and come to some power get corrupted sooner or later. There are very few whom we could count on our finger tips who are like Lal Bahadur or Sardar Patel. So though I do feel that we should have flexibility in our campaign but till now our respected government has shown no inclination to make any transparent statement. I do agree that one body can not have absolute power and there has to be recourse to appeal. Can we not sit down together and discuss this without letting EGO come in between? Or is it that those in power are scared of their own deeds?

Take care

Jack said...


I forgot to say that I had been told by some of those lower staff in our informal talks that share of what they take goes right upto highest in respective field. In my opinion if we really wish to make our nation corruption free we need to take some drastic steps within our constitution. Take posts of Chief Secretary, D G of Police and State Chief Vigilance Commissioner out of Political interference. Let those appointed be removable only by impeachment and that too with 90% compulsory attendance and more than 75% of them voting for this. And no posts of any profit after such persons retire.

Take care

Sakshi said...

@Uncle J
First, thanks! For your comments on all the posts! :D My laziness was due to the 3 vacation days! Nothing serious! :D

Now, coming back to the present post! Well, the policy of corruption is very simple- 'Fal katega, sabme batega'. And power does make one go corrupt. And it may not be just the money, but also, the power itself. Ghar ghar ki kahani hai, people killing each other over property, and here we are talking about the nation!

Amendment to the constitution is not a joke. Last time, Indira Gandhi did that, there was enough chaos. And, the more amendments we introduce to the Bible of our country, the more corrupt it will become. Don't forget that the amendment to the Constitution is made by the darling reps we have sitting in the Lok Sabha. And, trust me, none of your politicians here want anything to surpass themselves.
What really is required is, that, these politicians are the servant of the people. Just or spokespersons, our reps in the parliament. We as the people, as the voters of our country need to reiterate on them, that, boss, you are there because we chose you. And, you wont be there, if you are gonna misuse the power. You are servant, make our life easier!

Education uncle, will help a lot. Outside on the streets, people have no idea why they are supporting Anna Hazare. They want the corruption gone, but are they willing to let go of the perks that they get during elections, and chose the right person?

The sense of right and wrong, has gone out of the window. Today, it is not about the fight of which version of the Bill/Legislation is right, it is about the ego of so many who have drafted the bill.

Had this not been a ego issue, they would have tried to mediate. Even the staunchest and hard headed couples give mediation a try to resolve.
Here, he is not ready to resolve. He is just creating more anarchy and more chaos in the Country.

You can ONLY get a law implemented if you respect those laws!

You know what I think Uncle, if they would have mediated with the government and figured a way out *There always is a way out*, they would have lost out on the publicity. And, I wont be surprised if Anna stands for elections!

Like I said, stand up for a cause. Not for a person.

aakash said...

Well, glad I came across your blog through a friend. Before I start barking, don't mistake me for the dog who barks at any pig on the road, I am a sensible one.*pun intended* ;)

You do have a valid point about the centralization of power in a single body rather than the organs of constitution which again might end up as corrupt and more dangerous but if you look into the structure, there are 10 members who do not bear any resemblance or connection unlike a ruling political party where all decision makers are under the same roof and have to agree on issues, at times just to sustain their party to rule. Thus, 10 independent opinions on any issue have lesser chances of collaborating on an issue of corruption, since they don't need to save their own chair if other is affected.

2ndly, These 10 members are selected by chairpersons of both houses of parliament, senior most judges of supreme court and high court, noble laureates, chairperson of national human rights commission, auditor general of india, and several other independent sources, which work independently. The usual procedure of elections involves usage of money, caste, religion bias and unfair means which doesnot bring a genuine candidate in power. Now, if you are nodding head in disagreement, open your eyes, and see the history, we have a large number of people as MP, MLA who have a criminal record with ongoing cases of murder, extortion, lets say corruption comes later in list.

3rdly, you can impeach a member of Lokpal by complaining against him. Supreme court can not say no to a inquiry request by a common man. I bet you touch a MP or an MLA, your PoCA act will be put in dustbin and you would be arrested in their place. You need to step out and see the ground reality, knowing laws written on book does not run our country sadly.

Lastly, yes we have the right to vote. I am an educated citizen and I know the importance of this right. I have been looking for a single candidate past 5 years whom I can trust and support, found none. Here, in UP, politicians come and ask votes simply on caste and religion grounds and they win, since they can influence the illiterate. If voting was a solution, trust me, we would have already seen changes, there was never a shortage of good people, what we lack is a channel for them to enter the system. This is what Janlokpal bill is here for.
Having said all this, I also believe that there is definitely a scope of improvement in the bill and so does team Anna. Think and act dude, we need more brainpower to reframe the system. We need people like you.


Sakshi said...

Hi Akash,

I am glad that you posted your thoughts, and even happier that you came to my blog! :D
Hope to see you more often here. Now coming back to your comments-

Yes, a body of 10 Independent People will constitute the Lok Pal panel. Now imagine, a situation when all 10 people have 10 different opinions on a same situation, then where does the swift justice go?

About the MP's and the MLA's with criminal record- They are supposed to declare their assets and their criminal records when they are filling out the forms for their candidature in the elections. It is a public document, and easily accessible.
So, electing the wrong candidate, is OUR fault entirely.

Impeachment- You do realise, that despite impeachment being the part of the Constitution, the FIRST ever impeachment happened now, against a judge! So, I do not trust that anything will happen against the panelist!

But as the educated youth of the country, we should really start putting our foot down! We like life in the fast lane.. how about unclogging the lanes, where there is traffic jam?

Saurabh's World said...

I believe whatever Anna is doing, atleast its better than what Govt(s) is/are doing from past several yrs.
Fasting is no blackmailing - there are number of people in our country who dies bcoz of hunger. We are so selfish - if we see our benefit then only we will raise our voice.
So if you want to blame anyone its not Anna, its people.
Govt is saying laws are made in parliament, - and I say they are broken on streets by the one who make them.
If they (Govt) allow to make laws in streets (common people/ precisely bit more intelligent), they might not be able to break it from parliament.

No Offense.

Saurabh's World said...

I agree to some extent to govt that 3 days and 5000 people - when mass gathers there can be multiple threats right from terror attacks to mob's nuisance.
I am sure no bill can stop corruption. But it might give helping hand to the one who wants to deal with it. Or atleast not ask govt for permission, as CBI have to.

Anonymous said...

Very well written girl! Very well. Your article has a tone - I know what I am talking about - which is worth a read. It's a shame I didn't read this post earlier. I will check the links you shared and I will link it on my blog too. Cheers!

Sakshi said...

Geez Chintan. coming from you.. It is a HUGE compliment :) Thanks :)