Monday, August 22, 2011

Jai Shree Krishna!!!!

Today is Krishna Janamashtami, meaning birthday of Lord Krishna!
And, today, for some weird reason, I was remembering the times that this festival meant a lot of celeberations, practices and performances! *Its the same now, except, that I am a grown up, and there are other kids who do it.*
There was always a dance performance in our local temple, where, I used be Radha. A very dear aunty, God rest her soul in peace, used to tell our grandmothers in the temple, that she is going to start the practise for the Janamashtmi, so the grand kids should be at her house at the given day and time. Oh, it was so much of fun! Dressing up, to dance and sing.. *No, wonder, all the aunties in the temple still love me so much!!*

And there used to be a jhanki competition *not really a competition, but amongst us kids, it used to be, whose depiction of Shree Krishna's life looks the best in the colony* and trust me, we used to be at our worst enemy behavior then! But like my mom said today *especially, since she was sad that there were no jhankis in the colony this year [there was just one, in one remote corner, at my time, there used to be one at every 10 mtrs or so!]* "That, it was not just about you guys getting dirty in the mud, but it was also about how, you used get exhausted by being in the heat the whole day, with your face going all red"
But those, were some fun days. I am truly saddened, that the kids in my colony, do not do the effort any more. Talking about jhankis, the last one that I did, was with my best friend and we had used all of our barbie dolls, to depict the life of Krishna!

As, I was reminiscing all of this, I cam across a lovely article on the relationship between Radha & Krishna, about their eternal undying love for each other... the article is titled as "Atma Tu Radhika Tasya- Radha, You are His Soul"  , I highly recommend that you read this. Here is a sneak peak:

"Life always gives you moments when you have to choose between two options. Always take side of truth and love and you will gain wisdom. Each decision will bring you closer to your true self.
How can you love Krishna so intensely even when you are not with him and even then remain free from everything?”, Uddhava asked.
Radha replied, “Faith and insecurity. There is a difference when you love a person and feel insecure about him and there is a difference when you have faith in him. Fear results in shackles and faith results in freedom. Fear gets lost in some time but faith grows with every passing day. The love because of insecurity leads to fear and the latter leads to the enlightenment. And that change is the only constant thing in world. Even Radha and Krishna are just ripples in the water but their love will remain forever.” 

I fell in love with these lines. I do not do favoritism towards the God (s) almighty, especially because, each one of them is so special in their own way! And, I have grown up watching all the mythologies possible.. from Ramayana, to Mahabharata, to Shree Krishna! And each of the story is tuck to me, like a beautiful fairy tale.

The thing about Lord Krishna, always has been about his mystery. There is a charm, a twinkle in his eyes, an eternal naughtiness, that you just can't let go of! At all! Though, I do blame him for polygamy, and get really angry, at the fact that he broke a lot of hearts because of the number of women that loved him! But, I do follow the path that he showed Arjuna, in Kurukshetra during the battle in Mahabharata.. probably the only sermon that makes sense in the present day world!
So, on lord Krishna's Birthday, I leave you with his most famous lines from the Bhagwad Geeta

"Karmanye Vadhikaraste, Ma phaleshou kada chana,
 Ma Karma Phala Hetur Bhurmatey Sangostva Akarmani"


Alka Gurha said...

Very apt spiritual post...

Suruchi said...

waah waah...and you are not just a favourite of the aunties my dear;-)

those lines are like guiding lights on the path of love..tread on:-)

happy janamashtami:-)

Jack said...


Thanks for sharing those lines which are so true and valuable.

Take care