Wednesday, August 17, 2011

RE: Don't Spread Rumors, they cause- Fire! And Panic!

In response to my previous post *Which I shared on Google + also*, a dear friend of mine Souvik, who was kind enough to take time to write his views on my post! :) 
PS: I have posted the whole comment, as is, verbatim! :) Thanks, Souvik, for the food for the brain! :)

Hey.....nice post. But I beg to agree AND differ simultaneously. I agree what we are seeing on the streets now is, to put it harshly, mob culture. This CANNOT be the way laws are formulated in a country;least of all, our country.
But, having said that, does the government really want me to believe that every political/apolitical agitation that is normally held in this country, is bound by the conditions of 3 days and 5000 people? I hope the government will be able to stand by its claim through proper documented proofs. The issue, right now, is not whether the bill proposed by Hazare is good or bad. The issue is...are people in this country allowed to protest peacefully? The government, including the PM, seems to be bypassing this very question.
I have read the article that you linked, that states why the Jan Lokpal Bill is unconstitutional and unnecessary. I'd request you to also read through the analysis of that bill that they have put up on their site.
(download the detailed analysis given here).

Finally, it may be true that today, we, the people of this country, are a major reason why corruption refuses to go. I am willing to pay my fine when I'm stopped by the traffic police next time, but can you, or ANYONE, please guarantee to me that I'll get my driving license done in a time bound manner following all rules and regulations, without having to go through a tout? Can anyone guarantee me that if I complain against a government official to the CBI, the agency will indeed investigate my case with all earnest and sincerity that it deserves, and the guilty will be brought to justice WITHIN A DECENT TIME FRAME? Can anyone guarantee me that if I complain, I'll not be subjected to backlashes from the government? Can you guarantee me that when a police officer from the local PS comes to my place for Police Verification before issuing me a passport, he'll do his work without me paying him a bribe? (When you answer this question,kindly consider the situation that I may need a passport with some urgency, and that the police may decide to neither pass my case nor fail it).

The problem, as I see it, is this. The existing system HAS NOT dealt with corruption in any effective way for so many years. Why do I believe that now, with the same set of people at the helm, something effective will be done? Yes I'm sceptical, I'm being pessimistic,, but this system hasn't given me much to be optimistic about either.
Give me an effective bill to deal with this. What this government is doing, is simple time-wastage. That will not do. Tell me a practical way to force this government (not idealistic ones...please) to bring an effective anti-corruption law, and I'll stand with you and....if the need be...against Mr. Hazare.

I agree, that most of what I may have said sounds impractical. But there are checks and balances that have been provided in our Constitution. And, honestly speaking, when we talk about Democracy, it is the power of the people. And, because, there would be chaos and anarchy in the country, if every one speaks together, there is the thing about sending your "representatives", to the assembly to speak on your behalf. The day that we start treating them, like they are on our mercy and not vise-versa, all shall be solved.

Look at the where the politicians hit you the most, at the places, where it hurts the most. The educated middle class, who refuses to vote or comment on anything, needs to shed it's "Who cares, they are politicians... blah" attitude and start giving their opinions. Mobilize. Your Thoughts! And the politicos have understood that the middle class uses the power of the internet. The moment, you highlight the cause, and move forward, saala koi mai ka baap, aakar apni akar nahin jhaad payega! 


Rohit Dassani said...

I agree we need to change for our own good.... lets be one on atleast this cause!

Jack said...


After reading this post, I am of the opinion that we, the educated people, need to come out of slumber. We need to exercise our right to vote judiciously and also spread awareness for that in those who are not so well educated. Secondly we need to also make all efforts to stop encourging corruption and spread awareness about the same. I will write a post suggesting what could be done to stop this malady but till then we need to yell for stoppage of political interference in day to day functioning of government machinery.

Take care

Suruchi said...

i read both the posts Sakshi and I so agree-Anna is being hailed as Mahatma and he perhaps thinks of himself in the same way...

But these are no Britishers and this is not the same country-you just can't threaten the law making body no matter what!

and then who assures that the people sitting in the anti-corruption body so constituted post the Lokpal Bill would be absolutely non-corrupt!

it's all turning into a circus!

RiĆ  said...

i totally agree with Uncle J.