Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why do I Love You?

There are a lot of reasons that I know, I love the boyfriend.

But here is a little passage out of a post titled "Reasons Why I cannot Love You" from Thought Catalog, and it says so much about why I would never be able to love someone other than him!

"You’re wonderful for thinking I’m wonderful, but I can’t love you because you don’t love me for my flaws—you love me in spite of them. You don’t see me, you don’t even want to see me, for what I am—the ugly, pungent parts of my guts. You can’t and don’t want to tear these parts out of me while I scream. I can’t love you because you won’t defy me, because you won’t fight me when I’m wrong. I can’t love you because you don’t stand eye to eye with me and challenge me, demand of me, to be a better person."

Also, my blog now has 50 followers! 
The 50th Follower being- Ms. Raam Pyaari.. who happens to be a novelist, too! *I have some super famous people following my blog it seems*- So please help me welcoming this young lady and making her feel at home, here on Timeless!


Jack said...


Beautiful paragraph. Sums up essence of what is basis of relationship.

Take care

Unknown said...

Congratulations on getting 50 followers. I am proud of you! :)

Tangled up in blue... said...

My mum says something similar, she says, "We love people for their good qualities, we fall in love with them for their defects." :D

I never got what that meant, you know, before I really thought about it.

Congratulations, Sakshi! :)

RiĆ  said...

Lovely post and congrats on 50 followers.

R said...

:D thank you so so much! :D

Suruchi said...

yiy yiy yiy...and that's a beautiful passage and lemme join shayon n saying i am very proud of you too:-)

Jack said...


Oh! I forgot. Congratulations on 50 and wish you to reach century soon.

Take care

Saurabh's World said...

Hey Hi,
I was 49th :)
Nice post .

Banupriya said...

Congrats :) Sakshi!! Way to go!

Sakshi said...


Awww, you all are super sweet! Thanks a ton for all your good wishes :)

Love you all!

Sakshi said...


Awww, thanks a ton for following me :)
Welcome aboard!