Monday, December 26, 2011

Dear Santa..

It is the last half an hour before the Christmas ends. The super lazy me, and the super busy weekend that it was * Considering that it was my mother's birthday today and I sorta asked her friend to organize a BBQ, while I spent time with my darling BF*, I could not write this post earlier.
But never late than never.

Here is wishing all of you A very Merry Christmas! May God bless you all with lots of love, peace and happiness :).

And since Christmas is incomplete without a Santa Claus, so here is a little letter to Santa. *You know, I am still the kid when it comes to writing to the santa*

Dear Santa,
Merry Christmas!! 
Now considering that lot of people call y bf 'Santa', after shortening his name, and that he has a nice paunch too, you are still the BEST Santa ever :) 
And, even though I am not a kid, and I did not write you a wish list, you still made this Christmas really special for me. 
I have always loved Christmas, and it is very special because it is my mum's birthday, but this year, playing Santa *The secret santa in office, where I played santa to one of my colleagues and made the whole lot of effort to make the card and pack the gifts*, I realised the joy of giving. Of making people go all, WOW! at the gifts, wishes and pleasant surprises that are given to them. 
I now, understand why you are such a jolly fellow. 
For so many years, there have been debates about whether you are real or you are not, but I have always believed in you, and have never been let down. 
Each Christmas, there is a present waiting for me, to make me smile. And the best part is, that, that present may not be a materialistic thing, but, it is there. Just for me.
So thank you. *I am hoping that you have become tech savvy and read blogs!*
Thank you for making this Christmas so merry for me! :)



Jack said...


Please convey my BELATED MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY to your mother. Merry Christmas to you all too. Very sensible letter and I am sure Santa will grant you whatever you wish for.

Take care

Chandni (Chanz) said...

You played Secret Santa too..?? Awwww.. it is such a lovely game.. I mean, seriously man. It was the first time I exchanged gifts with my fellows on Christmas.. And I so so so fell in love with the game. Every morning, there was something to look forward to.. And of course, it was this surprise element that actually made the game fun.. Imagine when you are super busy and suddenly one of the housekeeping staffs comes in with your gift and everybody forgets what work they had been doing and simply crowd around you, asking, "Kya mila?"..

Loved the thrill.. Really!

Rachit said...

Merry Christmas dear... enjoy the weekend coming :)
Weakest LINK

Haddock said...

That is a good thought.....the present not being materialistic.
Very few think of it that way. All want to know "what is there for me under the tree?"
The fact is that all the small blessings in life accumulate for the general happiness.

Suruchi said...

And Santa says ho,ho,ho...he's happy to read you still believe in him and would continue to shower you and boyfriend with love every snowy season that lasts through spring, summer and autumn till it is his time to revive it again:-)

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes to your mom :)

I don't believe in Santa, may be because I haven't celebrated Christmas, like ever :D