Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Year was about... "Inqlaaab"


And social media played the all important role in making sure that things and issue become viral even before the people who uttered a few words could close their mouths to take the next breath.
I can totally understand why Mr. Kapil Sibal is so worried about the content that goes online. *I do not support him in his cause, I believe in freedom of speech and expression*

The thing about social media is, that even though last when people were crying foul over the whole common wealth games and all, this year, thanks to social media concrete action has been taken by people, and not only that, 'Riyaasten bhi giri' from the 'Revolution' in Egypt to the killing of Gaddafi and Bin Laden, not only has social media highlighted the problems, but has also become a platform for solid and educated discussions.

Whereas the world saw the entire middle eastern and the muslim states undergo a huge radical change, because of people, back at home also, the power of the people is at it's full force.

From Mr. Hazare, who ignited a small little 'chingari' against corruption, caught fire like a dry piece of wood on a really hot day would. And, again there were discussions all over the world both the real and virtual,about who what and why of Mr. Anna Hazare. And, like it happens in India, the cause got diluted over the egos of the politicians, it eventually did fizzle out!
But, the message of power of the people, went loud and clear to all the politicians. And trust me, I just wish that 'We the People of India' move beyond the pettiness that we keep fighting over,and actually stand together for a real cause.

The year gone by, has shook the people in power, because they are a minority, and has made them realise that, the world order is slowly changing. And change, it shall.
Because, like they say, 'Waqt acha ho ya bura, badalta zaroor hai!!'
PS: The last post with the of them is the bf and one of them is me. *I am going to still keep you guessing who is who* But the babies in both the pictures have such an uncanny resemblance that when I first saw the pictures together, I was like- 'OMFG', how can that be! 

UPDATED TO ADD: I have to read all the pending posts of ze fellow bloggers, but my computer has gone kaput again, and my sister is not kind enough to share hers. So pardon the delay!
*Sis in the bathroom when I am writing this*


♪♪Happy Go Lucky♪♪ said...

Yea, the media's played a real big role this year. Though the news fizzles out, it makes quite an impact while it lasts.
Yea, the resemblance is uncanny in the pictures! If you hadn't said 'are they the same or different, I couldn't have thought of looking closer :P

Jack said...


Media played a big role but does go overboard at times. Social networking is surely responsible in bring about changes in Middle East and also spreading fight against corruption. It is finally WE THE PEOPLE who must not stop our fight against all which ails our society - corruption or gender inequility etc.

Take care

Tangled up in blue... said...

Yeah, it was kind of a worldwide theme this year..what with the Arab Spring, the Occupy movements, the India Against Corruption protests and so on. But I hope the end result of all this is as revolutionary as the revolutions themselves were.

Bikram said...

so true media did its part but then media had to do it otherwise left behind.. i dont like indian media at all they will do anything ot get those trp and sometimes or most of the time its crap what they put up...

Anna ji well no comments on that I am very reserved about anyone who is a politician for end of the day thats what they are ...
The team that ois running the movement one needs to check that team out they are businessmen :)

but as you said WAWT badalta jaroor hai... so hopefully badalega or apne saath in traitors politcians ko jala ke raakh kar dega .. god willing ...

and see you when i see you he he hehe :)


RiĆ  said...

Absolutely this year was all abt media awakening...and rightly so, i feel.

Anonymous said...

Bwahaha :D I will have to go and check what did I write w.r.t the photographs. I had a sense that may be it's someone special, but I didn't wish to assume :)

Social media, I read few articles written for Kapil Sibal...I must say, those men defended his take pretty well. I am all for freedom for expression, but behaving like a fool in the name of mockery isn't called for either. Trolling for instance, that is way too much of freedom of expression, that's more on the lines of insulting....and intrusions of someone else's freedom of expression....