Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Year was about... "grief and loss"

There is a silly joke that is doing rounds of the internet now days is

"Dear God, 
Your love for Films (Shammi Kapoor & Dev Anand), Music (Jagjit Singh & Bhupen Hazarika) & Technology (Steve Jobs) is now beyond all doubts.
May we suggest that you take keen interest in Politics too"

And how true is it. It seems that this year the profoundness of death touched each one of us in many ways. The fact that no one is invincible was reminded to us over and over again this year.
We lost the best in every field, from the guy who added the 'i' to the technology, to  a path breaking painter, a rock star- a life cut short.
The Ghazal King, the one person who made the song on the holy Ganges like an anthem.
And if it was not the famous that were dying, it was mother nature making us all realise that there are so many things other than the petty things in life.

The nature stuck in all it's might. Shaking the every day lives of the every day people.

This year, I know that I have re learn't the lesson of live. All over again. 


Tangled up in blue... said...

My mom actually said the same thing. God takes away from us those people he wants to keep for himself.

I dont think God wants politicians in heaven, we'll have to request the Devil to clear some space in hell for them! :D

Disha said...

Hi, just stumbled on your blog and reading through the older posts.great stuff!! ahh politicians in heaven?? ..wishful thinking eh?

Jack said...


Very good rememberance. I join you to request God to take interest in politics and sure enough there are many candidates to choose from or rather may be all of them.

Take care

Rià said...

So true...i remeber having a conversation with my husband on this very same thing. We lost some really gr8 people.

Bikram said...

YEs please GOD listen to the above prayer..
or lets all ask the terorrists and all too who are killing innocent people .. to think of these dirty politcians tooo ..

so many good people we have lost this year ... 2011 has been a tought year we had the tsunami , the economic crisis and all .. the revolt in few countries against the rulers .. So much in 2011


Megha Sarin said...

I know. We lost so many versatile people with immense talent and it affect so many of us.


Tangled up in blue... said...

I guess we can add Christopher Hitchens to that list of great people who died this year now. :(

Suruchi said...

Let's say Amen to that after we say a heartfelt RIP to the geniuses:-)